Projector Enclosures for Use in Indoor Applications

Projector Enclosures for Indoor Usage - Get One Today

Projectors are being used everywhere nowadays; inside, outside, rain, shine. The projector has commonly been used indoors for years and as technology advances so does the use of projectors, screens and many other associated accessories.

Just because the projector is indoors does not eliminate the concern for the life and well being of your projector. There are a substantial number of contaminates in your house, office and indoor facilities that will diminish and even cut short your projector life expectancy. Read the Home Theater article for a comprehensive look at airborne contaminates inside your house and what this will do to your projection system.

There are a few tips we can give you right off to help you with these and other common problems.

  1. Be sure to check the filter regularly and clean the dust and other fine particles off of it, we recommend that you do this on an average of once a month. Some projectors have more than one filter so be sure to refer to your manual or user guide for maintenance instructions.
  2. Your enclosure needs a steady air supply and should not have anything placed within a minimum of 2” from the sides; limiting or restricting airflow will cause unexpected failure or in many cases immediate shutdown.

We have seen many cases where even in a home situation the environmental concerns are far greater than even some retail and commercial applications due to the amount of textiles, carpet and clutter throughout the house. One particular situation was so bad in fact that the projector was overheating shortly after start-up one month after installation; as you can imagine the customer was a little upset.

Upon visiting the home are team discovered that the filter on the projector was so clogged with dust and soot that when we cleaned it with forced air there was a cloud of dust. In this case we recommended that the client either place the projector in an enclosure or clean the filter on the projector a minimum of once every two weeks.

Not every indoor situation may need a projector enclosure but there are certainly many that do, we provide cost effective options for indoor projector enclosures.

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