Projector Enclosures for use in Indoor Pool Applications

Projector Enclosure Can Protect from Moisture in Indoor Pools

Large projection screens are being used in indoor pools at gyms, private homes, resorts, club’s and training facilities across the country, if you plan on using a projection screen in an indoor pool application you will want to consider the effects of humidity on your projector.

Humidity is airborne moisture or fine mist, when is the last time you gave your projector a light misting and it did it some good. If you install a projector into an indoor pool without some level of protection you will be soon be sending that projector in for warranty service only to have the manufacturer tell you that it is not covered under warranty as there is evidence of moisture inside.

If you have ever dropped a cell phone or maybe your pager back in the day into the pool or toilet and tried to get it repaired you experienced the same response from your phone company. Save yourself the aggravation and money, protect your investment from the start – place your projector into an environmental enclosure and enjoy worry free large format.

We discuss this concern in detail in our Projectors and Humidity Article if you would like to learn more.

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