Air Conditioned Projector Enclosure


Defender Series Enclosures are fully climate controlled and insulated. Taking care of hot, cold and humid environments, all in a closed loop sealed projector enclosure.

With a wide range of standard sizes and standard features, the Defender series enclosures can take on any projection project from 3000 Lumens to 50,000 lumens anywhere in the world.

Outdoor Climate Controlled Projector Enclosure

Defender Projector Enclosure Specs

Outdoor Climate Control Projector Enclosure Features:

All Defender Series enclosures come with the following standard features

  • Climate Control System (Cooling, Heating, Condensation Evaporation)
  • Fully Insulated
  • 2x Internal Breakers (1x for Climate Control and 1x for equipment outlets)
  • 2x Internal Universal Outlets (For AV equipment)
  • 3x AV Passthrough
  • 1x Power Knockout (for hard wiring)
  • 1x Waterproof Power Cord (Attaches to the enclosure)
  • Adjustable Projector Shelf
  • Portrait and Landscape Projector Mount/Shelf
  • Top and Bottom Unistrut (top is welded, bottom is removable)
  • Vandal Resistant Locking Design
  • Large Projection Window
  • Durable Powder coat Finish (Black and White standard colors)
  • Optional Remote Monitoring

Technical Specs

Can't Find your size? Want to confirm sizing and Cooling Requirements? Talk with a representative about our custom enclosure solutions.
Climate Controlled Outdoor Enclosures Door Opening (HxW) (in.) Maximum Cooling
Small Defender 15.32" x 18.15" 500W
Medium Defender 21.24" x 26.14" 1500W
Large Defender 26.02" x 41.10" 2500W
Large Plus Defender 34.38" x 55.75" 3500W
Extra Large Defender 56" x 43.25" 4500W

*Call 1-888-631-5880 for more details.

air conditioned projector enclosure spec sheet pdf download

See it in action!

Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Two large Defenders were installed at the Washington DC Anacostia Community Museum as a Permanente outdoor installation, projecting on the walls of the museum on a nightly schedule. These large Defender enclosures house 8000 Lumen Panasonic projectors on a pole mounted installation and keep these projectors protected from the elements year round.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure

Washington D.C. Outdoor Projection Display Enclosures

Back in 2014 the Washington Mall was looking to add a 3 sided visual element to the space, projection was determined to be the right fit for the application. While ice skating and enjoying the outdoor festivities the cube would be lit up with projection.

In order to keep the projectors safe and functional during the winter an outdoor projector enclosure was required. SSI worked with the client to design/build the desired enclosure for the project. The climate controlled enclosure keeps the projectors in a suitable environment 24/7/365.

Outdoor Laser Show Enclosures Orlando Florida

Marriott Resort in Orlando designed a custom laser show that is multi-sensory and included Lasers, Smoke, Video, Audio and Water. The Kvant lasers were chosen but needed to be enclosed  for permanent installation.

SSI designed an outdoor laser/projector enclosure to house and protect the lasers during the wide climate and weather swing in Orlando, FL. SSI Air Conditioned Projector Enclosure models have a thermostatic cooling solution designed to accommodate a wide variety of technology for outdoor use.

Outdoor projection enclosures

Truss Manufacturing Plant Air Conditioned Projector Enclosures

Use of projectors in manufacturing for large format digital displays is a cost effective solution when compared to smaller costly displays such as flat panels. Given that you can achieve a 200″ display with a mid range projector, it then only comes down to maintenance.

Projector Enclosures keep your projection technology safe, clean and cool – yes even from airborne sawdust in a wood or truss manufacturing facility. Projecting truss layouts for the crews to follow has never been more reliable then with a air conditioned projector enclosure.

Quit throwing away projectors and having downtime; install your projector in a air conditioned projector enclosure today. Call us at 888-631-5880 to learn more about climate controlled projector enclosures or have any of your questions answered.

Air Conditioned Projector Enclosure FAQ:

  • Do your air conditioners drip? SSI air conditioning units are designed to be drip free, with integrated condensate evaporators we eliminate the drip seen from household type in window units.
  • Is air conditioning safe for projectors? SSI air conditioners are made for electronics cooling requirements, our climate control enclosures are used in a wide variety of electrical cooling requirements both Indoor and Outdoor.
  • No outside air is introduced? SSI climate control enclosures recirculate the air in a closed loop, this meaning that no outside air is introduced into the enclosure. The main goal is to keep your enclosure clean and free of airborne contaminates and particulates.
  • What maintenance is required? Maintaining your enclosure is as easy as cleaning the filter on the outside of the cooling unit. Cleaning should be scheduled accordingly and based on your environment and conditions.
  • What paint options are available? SSI projector enclosures are painted using premium powdercoat technology. White or Black is the standard color choice. Should you want a color other then those we have a wide variety of options available.
  • What about humidity? SSI climate controlled enclosures are designed to filter out humidity. We have many installations in locations such as Florida where humidity is in the high 90% range or greater. If humidity control is a primary concern we can add additional humidity removal technology at request.
  • Do you have a heating option? SSI air conditioning enclosures do have an optional heater for locations where temperatures can drop and stay below 50 degrees. Integrated heater options work together with the cooling technology to provide a safe environment.
  • What is thermostatic cooling? Most technology is comfortable in the 80~95° range, SSI enclosure cooling units have an adjustable thermostat. Adjustable settings are between 70~100° giving you options. We recommend you keep you enclosure set in the low 90° range.
  • What about monitoring? Remote monitoring of internal air conditioned projector enclosures is available, you can monitor and record Temperature High/Low, Humidity, Set Alarm Points, Show Historical Data, and more. *Internet Connectivity is required.