Air Conditioned Projector Enclosures

Protect your Investment

Our air-conditioned projector enclosures go above and beyond to keep your projector cool. Our A/C units are ideal for projectors ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 lumens, depending on the size of each.

Projectors run hot. At least 98% of projectors on the market currently use traditional lamps and bulbs as their light engine. These bulbs produce a tremendous amount of heat, and can easily reach temperatures of 200-300 degrees while in operation. While internal temperatures already run so high, the surrounding environment only adds to the projector’s troubles, often causing overheating or other temperature-related distress. Avoid this situation or even eliminate the possibility all together with an air-conditioned projector enclosure.

SSI Air Conditioned Projector Enclosure

Technical Specs

Can't Find your size? Talk with a representative about our custom enclosure solutions.
Indoor & Outdoor EnclosuresMaximum Projector Size (in.)Maximum Lumens
Small Air-Conditioned14w x 16d x 7h3,000 Lumens
Medium Air-Conditioned20w x 26d x 10h5,000 Lumens
Medium+ Air-Conditioned20w x 28d x 9h8,000 Lumens
Large Air-Conditioned24w 32d x 10h8,000 Lumens

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