SSI Integrator Series

Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure

Protect your Investment

Available in indoor and outdoor models, our Integrator Series fan cooled projector enclosures are specifically designed to filter and cool ambient air, expel internal hot air, and keep your projector investment working for you longer in a clean, safe environment in a Integrator Series Enclosure

Projectors are being used everywhere: inside, outside, rain, or shine, outdoor projectors and projection displays. For years, projectors have commonly been used indoors, but as outdoor home theaters, projection mapping, and large scale projection displays become a more and more common thing the Integrator Series Enclosures  give you the ability to take your projector outside and have it be fully protected for years to come.

the Integrator Series can be used indoor or outdoor, comes with a list of standard features that include (2) internal breakers (2) internal outlets, thermostatic cooling and more!

SSI Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure

Technical Specs

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Choose your Color

At Screen Solutions International, we understand that each project is unique. Because of this, we are proud to offer custom color options for our Projector Enclosures.

Please contact a sales representative for more details on customizing Projector Enclosures.


Outdoor Fan Cooled Projector Enclosures - LA

Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure - Covered Patio Outside

Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure – Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Home Theater is a great way to enjoy digital technology like Movies, TV, and even Exercise Videos Outdoors. With a projection screen you can achieve large format outdoor displays for less money with less worry for your electronics.

Installing a projector outside can be done safely with our Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure, mount the enclosure and install the projector. Thermostatic fan cooling only operates when the projector is on or the heat outside passes the threshold.

Put a projector anywhere!

Outdoor Apartment Lifestyle Areas – Movie Screens

Lifestyle and amenities are increasingly becoming the latest trend in apartments and multi family dwelling housing communities. Adding state of the art Gyms, Shopping, Coffee Shops, Elaborate Pools and Activities is all the rage. Now larger then life outdoor theaters are joining the trend.

Outdoor projection displays are being integrated or designed into new and existing communities to provide visual entertainment along with the other amenities. Installing a projector in an outdoor projector enclosure eliminates the drama and excess maintenance issues; along with making sure it stays put.

The projector pictured is installed in a medium fan cooled projector enclosure on a rooftop pool in Tampa, Florida.

Outdoor Fan Cooled Enclosure - FL Night

Outdoor Hotel Projector Enclosures

Outdoor Hotel Projector Enclosures

Hotels are adding large format visual displays as a part of the extended amenities strategy for making a guests stay that much more enjoyable. By providing a safe and secure environment for your projector with a projector enclosure such as this one at a hotel in Chicago, you can put a projector anywhere.

With our integrated heater options it is possible to install a projector even in the coldest locations. The cooling function operates as needed and controlled like the heater – thermostatically. With 3 standard and custom sizes available we can help you find the right solution for your hotel project.

Car Wash Projection System Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure

When you want to put projectors in drive thru car washes be sure you consider how you will protect them against all the elements projectors hate: Heat, Water, Humidity

In this video you can see the projector in the projector enclosure, this is a fan cooled enclosure with no extended ventilation duct. The client had the projector mounted without an enclosure and they were dying in a week or so.

With the projector enclosure added, the projectors were lasting years even in the worst conditions possible.

Have a unique application, give us a call and we will work with you for a solution.

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