Fan-Cooled Projector Enclosure

Protect your Investment

Available in indoor and outdoor models, our standard fan-cooled projector enclosures are specifically designed to filter and cool ambient air, expel internal hot air, and keep your projector investment working for you longer in a safe and optimal environment.

Projectors are being used everywhere: inside, outside, rain, or shine. For years, projectors have commonly been used indoors, but as technology advances so does the use of projectors, projection screen materials, and many other associated accessories. However, projectors are complex pieces of equipment, and simply placing them indoors doesn’t eliminate the concern for their life and well being. There are a substantial amount of contaminates in your house, office, and indoor facilities that will negatively impact or even shorten the life expectancy of your projector. That’s where we come in: Enter Projector Enclosures.

SSI Outdoor Kiosk

Technical Specs

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Indoor Enclosures Maximum Projector Size (in.)
Indoor Small Fan-Cooled 14w x 16d x 7h
Indoor Medium Fan-Cooled 20w x 26d x 10h
Indoor Medium+ Fan-Cooled 20w x 28d x 9h
Indoor Large Fan-Cooled 24w 32d x 10h
Outdoor Enclosures Maximum Projector Size (in.)
Outdoor Small Fan-Cooled 14w x 16d x 7h
Outdoor Medium Fan-Cooled 20w x 26d x 9h
Outdoor Medium+ Fan-Cooled 20w x 28d x 9h
Outdoor Large Fan-Cooled 24w x 32d x 10h

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