Indoor Hush Boxes

Protect your Investment.

When you put a projector indoors, silence is golden. Our indoor hush boxes will not only strongly dampen the sound produced by your projector but will also protect, filter, and keep it cool with an ultra-quiet air system.

Perfect for placement in a home theater or other indoor application where noise can be bothersome at best. Focus on your featured production without the added annoyance of loud projector fans interrupting your favorite movie or presentation.

SSI Hush Box Projector Enclosure

Technical Specs

Can't Find your size? Talk with a representative about our custom enclosure solutions.
Indoor Hush BoxMaximum Projector Size (in.)
Small Hush Box14w x 12d x 6h
Medium Hush Box18w x 20d x 9h
Medium+ Hush Box24w x 22d x 10h
Large Hush Box24w 32d x 10h

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