Projector Heat

Projectors get hot; projector heat temperatures coming off the projector bulb itself can reach more than 200+ degrees easily and in most cases in just a minute. If you are worried about or have experienced your projector overheating a projector enclosure from Screen Solutions can eliminate the concern quickly and easily.

Effects of Projector Heat

  • Projector Heat, Projector CoolingTemporarily without warning shut down projector due to overheating
  • Potential permanent damage to projector and internal electronic components
  • Premature projector bulb failure
  • Frequent projector bulb replacement
  • Void projector manufacturer’s warranty

Benefits of Projector Enclosures

  • Cleans the incoming air
  • Cool the projector with clean fresh air
  • Lower the overall projector operating temperature
  • Potentially lengthen projector bulb life (customers have reported up to 4 times the lifespan after installing enclosures based on previous usage without enclosure)
  • Reduce projector maintenance frequency
  • Freedom to use projection in otherwise harmful or before impossible situations

Projector Enclosures start at just $999.99

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