Projector Lift

Projector Lift

Projector Lifts allow access to a projector in the auditorium  ceiling or keep a projector out of sight unless needed? Projector scissor lifts will allow you to access, store, drop or service a projector to a drop travel distance up to 33 feet.

Motorized scissor lifts are meant to provide a safe convenient access to your projector. We offer wall switches that can be located up to 220′ from the lift, this will allow you to place the wall switch controlling the lift in a control booth etc.

Standard Projector Lifts models are capable of supporting and allowing access to projectors up to 700lbs

Projector Enclosure with HD Projector Lift

Small Projector Lifts

In some cases you may want a lift for a smaller size projector, if so we have you covered. We offer our small projector lifts that accommodate projectors up to 200lbs.

  • Small Footprint for small projectors
  • Three Lowering Distance Options from 3′ to 6′
  • Lift Capacity up to 200lbs (please consult representative)

Contact a representative today for more details and information about Small Projector Lifts.

Small Projector Lift

Projector Lift Standard

Standard Projector Lifts

For most projectors our standard projector lift will be appropriate, with a wide variety of projector models on the market this is suitable for many of them.

  • Supports most projector models
  • Four Lowering Distance Options up to 10′
  • Lift Capacity up to 400lbs (please consult representative)

Contact us for more information on standard projector lifts.

Heavy Duty Projector Lifts

When you have a projector weighing more then 400lbs total weight you need to be sure your projector lift is rated for that load. It is critical that your Heavy Duty Projector lift can support the additional weight for Raising, Lowering and in Closed positions.

  • Rated for Large and Extra Large Projectors
  • Lowering Distances up to 22′ standard (extension options available)
  • Weight Capacity Support for projector up to 700lbs (please consult representative)

Projector Scissor Lift Extended Drop Length

Extended Drop Projector Lifts

For some applications when a maximum projector lift drop length of 22′ is not enough, we have a solution. Our Extended Drop Projector Lifts are capable of lowering and raising projectors up to 33′ for projector service and maintenance.

  • Rated for both additional weight and maximum lowering distance
  • Lowering distances from 24′ to 33′
  • Maximum projector weight of 700lbs (please consult representative)

Projector Enclosure Lifts

Looking to enclose your projector in a Climate Controlled Projector Enclosure or Hush Box? Our projector lifts are capable of supporting the projector and the enclosure together. Ask about or Heavy Duty Projector Lifts for Projector Enclosures.

  • Weight Capacity up to 700lbs
  • Lowering Distances up to 33′
  • Accommodates Projectors up to 30,000 lumens standard
  • Bundle your Projector Lift and Projector Enclosure from one manufacturer (please consult a representative for more information and details)

Heavy Duty Projector Lift with Projector Enclosure Hush Box