Projectors and Humidity

Protect from Humidity and Buy a Projector Enclosure

Humidity is not just bad for your hair and personal comfort it is also extremely bad for your electronic devices and their intended lifespan; humidity is essentially a super fine mist in the air that you cannot see but is still very real as you know.

If you know anyone that has moved from California to say Florida then you have probably asked or been told about the humidity in the air and how much different it is. This super fine mist is equivalent to giving your projector or plasma, LCD Panels, etc. a mister shower all day or night long; this mist is detrimental to the overall functions and life span of your electronic equipment. Humidity is referred to as dew point, atmospheric moisture, airborne moisture and many other terms but most commonly referred to as miserable.

Why is humidity worth worrying about? The humidity combined with hot temperatures make the heat more dangerous and makes your body and your electronic devices work that much harder to stay cool. The humid air when combined with environmental particulates or dust creates a concern far worse than just wet air; what happens when you combine dirt and water – you get mud.

Imagine for a minute that your projector is trying to breathe in this humid environment and then mix in airborne dust and dirt which will clog the filter even quicker; further limiting the air intake into the projector and causing the device to overheat quickly. To make matters worse the humidity in the air and carried thru your electronic equipment will inevitably settle on a metal surface in its travels creating the opportunity for corrosion and other concerns that will in a very short time lead to certain and permanent failure.

So how do you combat the humidity and its effects on your electronic equipment? Believe it or not you actually need to heat the incoming air and simply dry it out; by drying the air you remove the mist and give your equipment some breathing room. It is not as simple as placing a blow dryer in front of your intake – that will cause you more problems than you could ever imagine but with the right enclosure you can virtually eliminate humidity from your incoming air supply.

A proper projector enclosure designed specifically to combat the concerns of humidity and their bad relationship with electronics will eliminate your concerns and needless waste of equipment that was not properly or adequately protected from this very real concern.

How this applies to you – If you have a permanent or fixed projector that runs in an environment or facility that has high heat and possibly extreme temperatures; your projector is in danger and will get really hot and stay hot which as we have discussed is not so good for the projector or the lamp life. Give your projector a full time protector and install it in a projector enclosure.

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