Projectors in a Classroom with Chalk Dust

Protect from Chalk Dust in the Classroom with a Projector Enclosure

Projectors in a Classroom with Chalk Dust (It’s like wearing a parka in Las Vegas on the 4th of July) – Large screen projection displays have become a must have for many learning environments and now even the classrooms in most schools have a digital display and often times a large screen projection display. However with most every piece of digital display technology there is one item that this sophisticated piece of plastic must have – Air.

Much like the human body without a steady fresh air supply our bodies become lifeless and powerless, without air even the most advanced projection technology’s life span and ability to perform impressive tasks will be cut short.

In the classrooms of today and as sophisticated as we are, they are still plagued with all the dust and contaminates that accompany dozens of people being brought in and out of the space each day. Many Architects and AV Engineers are recommending and some requiring that a Projectors and even Flat Panel LCD, LED and Plasma Displays be placed safely inside an Enclosure. There are very few places in this world we live that are free of the environmental contaminates that seem to keep us dusting and cleaning all the time. These airborne particles are the culprit and demise of most electronic failure, especially those that generate a tremendous amount of heat; projector and digital displays when in use operating at extremely warm if not hot temperature. When electronics get hot they become a dust magnet and subsequently attract all of those tiny particles that are floating around and look for somewhere to rest for eternity.

The big deal with all of this is that as that these devices require air to cool themselves, as dust begins to fill up the tiny filters inside these projectors and displays with all of their electronic components inside the dust quickly begins to pile up and in fact insulate the heat on the components. To make it more real to you it would be like you putting on an extra shirt in the Las Vegas heat, and then tomorrow putting on a sweat shirt and finally the next day a parka.

What do you think the outcome will be? Well you will most likely wake up in the Clark County Hospital with an IV in your arm wondering why you are recovering from heat stroke.

Save your projectors life and for that matter all of your electronic equipments life; there are many options available that will reduce needless waste by preserving the lifespan of sensitive equipment. Projector Enclosures, environmental housings and enclosures for PC’s, Laptops, Plasmas, LCD and LED TV’s, monitors, displays and many other standard electronic devices that you currently use every day.

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