Projectors in Factory Use

Guard Against Debris with a Projector Enclosure

Projectors in Factory Use (Put the stats where the production happens!)Projectors have long been used in business and pleasure. Many meetings for the last ten years have been fueled with the use of projectors and most everyone has been to a movie and experienced the amazing picture that projectors can supply. In today’s market as everything is, the projection display market is growing each and every day.

No longer are projector kept tucked away in a closet or boardroom waiting to be used. This technology now can fit in your hand for a PowerPoint presentation on your fellow airplane passengers seat-back in front of you with the use of Pico Projectors using LED Light Engines.

With all this advancement we are seeing projectors installed in so many different and traditionally unconventional places including factories, warehouses, industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. Let’s look at the cost of a 142” Panasonic Plasma compared to a state of the art Large Format Digital Projection Display and you will soon see there is no comparison in any way. The one inherent downside to projection displays traditionally is the projectors themselves. Most potential clients we begin a conversation with start out with one question – “how long will the projector bulb last?”

This is actually a really viable and important question to ask for anyone that is involved in mass production of any sort. If there is one thing this group knows its production expectations over a given time period. We have worked some of the biggest manufacturers in the country and it’s not really a question of if they want the technology we offer but what is the maintenance like after the install. We have spent an enormous amount of time learning from these clients what it is that matters to them and how we can be aid and be a part of their success and it always came back to maintenance.

The solution the industry was looking for was clearly to develop technology that would reduce production downtime, increase efficiency and reduce maintenance of technology to the absolute minimum. So we went to work testing, prototyping and more testing; wow what a few months that was but as it turns out – we actually came out of it with a profound set of ideas and strategy to accomplish the task at hand and provide a solution that would aid us in deploying large format projection screen displays to monitor and assist manufacturing and industrial plants accomplish more with less.

So many factories of all types are looking for what consumer themselves are interested in; that is information at their fingertips and right in front of their eyes at a moment’s notice and usually without having to ask for it.

SSI Displays Digital Line Management and Industrial Scoreboard Displays are now a core component of process improvement and efficiency. No longer does your staff need to wait until the end of the day to see if goals are met and targets are hit. All they need to do is look up at the gigantic digital scoreboard that is hanging above the plant floor for up to the second real time reporting and visual line display showing Production Goals, Actual Cases etc, Downtime and Error Reporting, Safety Messages, and much more. We put the information where it is needed and that is not on paper in an office or board room at the end of the day but on the plant floor where the production is actually happening.

The benefits continue with seamless visual downtime or process failure monitoring. The second your system senses the blockage, outage or problem it is sent to the display and visually shows and tells the staff where the problem is. This dynamic and powerful method of delivering statistical reporting is great for keeping your production staff aware of their goals and shows them when, where and how to improve the process.

All this made possible with Screen Solutions Int. Brand of Projection Screens, Projector Enclosures and Turn Key Automation Display Software that can easily be integrated into your process’s; increasing production, improving employee responsiveness and morale while eliminating costly downtime.

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