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Projector Enclosures Keep your Projector Safe from Saw Dust

Projectors in Wood Shop – Large screen projection displays have become a must have for many learning environments and now even the wood shop in most schools have a digital display and often times a large screen display that is often projection based. However with most every digital display there is one item that this sophisticated piece of technology must have – Air.

Much like the human body without a steady fresh air supply our bodies become lifeless and powerless, without air even the most advanced technology’s life span and ability to perform impressive tasks will be cut short.

In a wood shop imagine all those different machinery and tools working away on those projects; there is sawdust everywhere. I remember back when I was growing up and getting the itch to build something with my hands. Several times I was involved in making pinewood derby cars, (I think we called them that). We would spend hours and hours making unique creations out of a small block of wood that with enough effort would eventually win us a bright colored ribbon. And always at some point after tracing out the design of our cars on the side of the block of wood we would finally get to cut it out on the band saw. After almost losing a couple of fingers and messing the perfect design we had sketched up we would turn to sanding and smoothing out all of the imperfections.

Long story short I will never forget the amount of sawdust generated from even the tiniest woodworking project; and there is one very specific reason I will never forget it.

We would most often do this as a group of kids with our dads and there were sawdust and wood particles everywhere. Floating in the air, resting on shelves and flat surfaces, the entire room was covered in the stuff. Well once we were mostly done with that aspect of the project we would begin to meticulously pick up the sawdust and collect it as if it were gold, placing the collected particles gently into a can or bag.

The reason we were so intrigued with this fine powdery awesomeness is that one of the older kids mentioned he would show us an amazing site if we gathered up as much as we could (I’m sure our fathers were proud of our responsibility and need to be thorough….lol).

So with our imaginations running wild and the excitement escalating; we picked up a tremendous amount of sawdust and ventured into a vacant room where no parents were present. Now at this point we had no idea what to expect and then the most amazing thing happened, one of the older guys pulled out a lighter. Well what is more fascinating than a lighter to a young group of guys? I’ll tell you what – burning something with it, setting things on fire and being the little pyro’s that we all were and some of us still are.

One of the teenagers climbed up to the highest point in this room, the ceiling seemed liked it was fifteen feet tall or so but I was a lot shorter then so who knows. Then we handed him up the bag of golden powder with the no idea what was in store we all got really close of course and then it happened.

You are probably asking, if you have made it this far, what this has to do with projectors and large screen displays?And the answer is not a whole lot but then again everything……. so on with the story. Well the kid up on top gave the go ahead to light up that lighter which seemed to take all too long for those of us waiting patiently down below and then it happened.

Once the flame was burning he began to slowly drizzle sawdust from his perch in the sky and almost immediately the room was aglow with this amazing column of fire that disappeared almost as quickly as it has begun. Well this went on for a while and we all had a great time and a few laughs over some beers (I mean sodas) and then it was over. We of course when it was our turn years later, guided other young-ins into the magical world of sawdust pyrotechnics and thankfully never burned anything down.

The point of this story is simply that your projector and other electronic devices cannot handle even a little taste of this amazing golden dust that can transform itself into fire and then disappear or that’s exactly what will happen to the projector and like our parents you will never know what happened except that your sons eyebrows and bangs look a little funny.

Projectors demand two things – power and air, when you are trying to install or use a projector in a woodshop filled with sawdust you are going to have little to no success with the life expectancy of the projector. The filters that the projector is equipped with are not designed for anything less than an almost clean room. They are small and responsible for filtering all the air that this beast consumes each minute and even then it isn’t designed to handle most environmental situations where projectors are placed in today’s society.

There is a simple solution to this dilemma and it is called a projector enclosure. Place your projector inside a Screen Solutions Projector Enclosure and all you will need to do is change the filter occasionally. We will even equip your projector enclosure with a pre-filter if desired as a second line of defense and will supply a thermostatic control that will only run the enclosure cooling system when the projector is operational ensuring maximum life expectancy from your disposable filters and projector, all the while conserving energy as an additional bonus.

Much like the pinewood derby cars and boyhood eccentricities this issue of putting a projector where you traditionally shouldn’t is a passion and we look forward to adding some breathing room to your next project in the woodshop or not and hopefully having a few laughs at the end of the day.

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