Public Advertising Benefits of touch screens

Stuck with your current billboard? Do you want the freedom to change your advertising at any time of the day or night?

With a touch interactive advertising solution you are no longer tied to traditional static display mediums. The solution provides you or any content management service, with the ability to remotely feed content over an IP network to large back projected holographic screens (50” plus) to create a truly eye catching advertising experience.

You can program your content to change throughout the day and night making sure the advertising reaches your target audience to maximise the sales of the products and services on offer.

The innovative and creative touch solution combines intelligent messaging software from our global partners with a range of large (50” plus) high intensity, interactive, holographic displays to provide the ultimate visual communications medium.

Interactive advertising 

With Visual Planet’s Projected Capacitance interactive touch technology you have a stunning advertising medium providing an extremely powerful tool that allows customers to browse for more information either by touching the screen directly, or the window itself crediting Visual Planet’s through window touch technology.

Use your existing media investment

The intelligent messaging software integrated with Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil supports a wide range of standard electronic media file formats allowing you to simply transfer your existing content to this new medium.

Stand back and watch 

Passers by, attracted to the bright images (even in high ambient light conditions on the holographic display), are encouraged to touch the screens through your shop window maximizing the impact of your advertising messages.

Flexible locations 

Choose from a range of permanent fixtures for window displays, reception areas or portable solutions for exhibitions, shows, and presentations. With the ability to be updated remotely over a fixed or wireless IP connection you have the ultimate advertising solution.

Let your partners advertise 

Let your business partners utilise your advertising space with Visual Planet’s interactive touch screen technology integrated with ViP Interactive Foil reseller display expertise and you will find your return on investment happen sooner than you think!

Interactive Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by:

  • Allowing instant updates to your advertising content – Making sure your messages are always current for your audience
  • Providing remote access for updating content – Central management of content, reducing management costs
  • Supporting existing multimedia and standard file formats – No additional content development required
  • Attracting and holding your audience – More time for your advertising to influence your customers