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The SSI Real Estate Window Display has changed everything for the local real estate office. By placing an interactive digital signage system right on your office window you will open up your entire MLS database to anyone passing by your storefront display if desired.

Change, Update or Add properties, price changes, special offers and more to your SSI Real Estate Window Display within minutes and all of this from anywhere in the world. Blending a traditional marketing approach with digital functionality will give you added exposure and depth in the market place.

Our society is growing accustomed to touching and interacting with everything and why shouldn’t their home buying experience be the same way. Giving potential customers the ability to determine how they are marketed to and what method it is that they will ultimately use to give you the opportunity to be their agent, will set you apart from everyone of your competitors.

The SSI Real Estate Window Display will allow customers to experience your flexibility and functionality before they even speak with you.  With permission based marketing such as SSI Real Estate Window Displays, you can effectively communicate without seeming pushy and desperate.

The best client to have is the one that comes to you, as your SSI Real Estate Window Display attracts prospects and potential buyers you will again have a leg up on the competition that is constantly out buttering up perspective clients trying to make a good impression. The best impression you can make is by rehearsing and scripting a video(s) and placing it on your window display in the “About Us” category.  Make a great first impression every time and let your display do the talking for you.

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