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Rear Projection Film makes it easy to turn your standard glass into a stunning High Definition Display. Use any projector with our rear projection films to create exceptional video on glass experiences for Business, Personal, Corporate, Tradeshow, Marketing, Advertising and Event related usage.

Rear Projection Film is used all over the world and by some of the worlds largest companies to present their message. Since 2005 we have continued to innovate with projection display technologies and today have the widest range of projection films available.

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Tesla-Definition-Storefront Rear Projection in San Jose CA

Rear Projection Film is a highly sophisticated, paper-thin projection screen material for video on glass applications. We have intricately compressed our rigid projection screen technology into a format that applies in much the same way as a window tint product. With a water-activated adhesive, the film can be applied to nearly any glass or acrylic surface to transform even basic storefront windows into dynamic digital displays.

Our rear projection film comes in a variety of types that each have unique characteristics and performance benefits. Definition rear projection film and Definition Pro rear projection film are designed to add contrast and depth to your images even when used in direct sunlight.

Accent rear projection film is an impressive film designed to add extra brightness to indoor displays. This rear projection film has been used by some of the biggest names in retail (including Estée Lauder, Bare Escentuals, and many more) to create stunning digital signage displays meant to captivate, inspire, and engage prospective buyers.

Our transparent Intrigue rear projection film is just as it is described: intriguing. This projection film has been used in high-end retail chains (such as De Beers Jewelry Stores and Microsoft Stores) to create one-of-a-kind, seemingly holographic video on glass displays.


Accent Rear Projection Film is an ultra bright rear projection film. Accent film can be used with any projector to yield ultra bright, high definition images. Accent rear projection film doesn’t require a specific projection angle and is compatible with any make or model of projector.

Accent is best used in light controlled environments. Accent projection film can also be used when windows or glass is tinted. Accent Rear Projection Film’s ultra bright images, when combined with the right projection system, will shine through your tint and yield high contrast images where other projection films would fall short.

Accent rear projection film roll


Definition rear projection film roll

Definition Rear Projection Film is a high contrast, high definition rear projection film. Definition projection film can be used on any clear surface including glass, acrylic, and Plexiglas for a cutting edge, floating image display.

Definition rear projection film gives you the ability to place rear projection screens in practically any lighting conditions. Definition rear projection film is compatible with most projector makes and models available, and you can be assured that Definition projection film is ready to use with yours.

Definition rear projection film, when used with anti-glare film, can be used in high ambient light conditions and even direct sunlight. This combination is the most effective and powerful rear projection system available today.


Projector for High Quality Projection Film

Use with Your Projector

Results vary with ultra short-throw lenses

Our film can be used with a variety of lens options: standard, short throw, and long throw lenses.

Rear Projection Film Over Ten Years of Experience

10+ Years of Experience

Shipping worldwide from the USA

SSI has been producing and perfecting rear projection films for over 10 years. No matter where you are located, we have you covered.

Rear Projection Film Liquid Application Kit

Liquid Application

Use of plain water to apply film is not recommended

Rear projection film comes with a built-in adhesive layer that is activated by application fluid. Purchase one of our application kits to make installation a breeze.


Definition Pro Rear Projection Film gives you amazingly deep HD images, wider viewing angles than other films, and is the latest in rear projection film technology.

The enhanced contrast properties of this Definition PRO rear projection film provide richness of color on screen, and also aid in blocking ambient light from both sides of the film – helping your images to shine through in uncontrolled lighting situations. Purchase this Definition PRO rear projection film by the cut size in standard 16:9 aspect ratio, or by the roll.

Definition PRO Rear Projection Film


Intrigue Rear Projection Film for Transparent and Holographic Displays

Intrigue Rear Projection Film can be applied to any clear surface including glass, acrylic, and Plexiglas for a cutting-edge and unique, floating image display right on your glass. Intrigue rear projection film offers a next generation look to any content. Both full motion video and static images will float on your clear glass or acrylic giving you what many describe as a holographic look and feel to your content.

Intrigue rear projection films are best suited for controlled lighting conditions or for shop windows that will be projected on from dusk to dawn. Intrigue projection film has been a top seller of ours for years because of the versatility and stopping power it adds to your display.


Rear Projection Film Cut to Your Size

Cut to Fit or Order Your Size

Orders can be cut to standard aspect ratios, custom cuts, shapes, or sizes. Rear projection film can also be tiled for larger screen sizes.

SSI Rear Projection Film Fast Shipping and Quick Order Processing

Most Orders Ship Same Day

Our fulfillment staff begin cutting and packing as soon as your payment is processed. This speed lets SSI get your film on its way as soon as possible.

SSI Rear Projection Film Applies to Glass and Acrylic

Applies to Any Clear Surface

Projection films apply like window tint using a built-in adhesive layer. Apply film to curved surfaces, car windows, glass, or plastic yourself or with a professional installer.


All our film is cut using a professional plotting machine. We design our cuts from scratch within a specialized CNC software so that every cut is accurate.

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All our film is cut using a professional plotting machine. We design our cuts from scratch within a specialized CNC software so that every cut is accurate.


rear projection film Samples_available

Samples Available

Not sure about rear projection film? We offer free samples packs to make sure you can try our rear projection films before you buy. Just pay shipping!

Complete_projection on glass_packages

Complete Projection Packages

Speak with our sales team about purchasing a complete projection on glass package. We’ll make sure you have everything you need for a successful install.

Add_a_touch foil

Add a Touch Screen

Enhance your display with a touch screen, anti-glare film, or professional application kit. Contact a sales representative for more information.

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