Definition PRO Film

Deep, Rich, Vivid.

Definition Pro Rear Projection Film gives you amazingly deep HD images, wider viewing angles than other films, and is the latest in rear projection film technology.

The enhanced contrast properties of this Definition PRO rear projection film provide richness of color on screen, and also aid in blocking ambient light from both sides of the film – helping your images to shine through in uncontrolled lighting situations. Purchase this Definition PRO rear projection film by the cut size in standard 16:9 aspect ratio, or by the roll.

Technical Specs

Screen Color Black
Transmission of Light 65%
Maximum Viewing Angle 175º
Maximum Size (seamless) 122" (16:9) 60" x 107"
Definition Pro Rear-Projection Film (Full Roll) 5 ft. x 33 ft.*
Maximum Roll Width 60 inches
Standard Roll Length 33 ft.

*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-631-5880 for details.

See it in action!

ssi definition pro film