Definition Screen

Definition Screen

Beautiful Contrast.

SSI's Definition Rear-Projection Screen is dark grey in color, and has a dual matte surface which dramatically reduces reflection issues caused by lighting or windows. We have designed the Definition Rear-Projection Screen with no films or layers. It can be used in any environment without having to worry about the expansion and contraction ramifications inherent with rear-projection screens consisting of multiple layers.

This rigid acrylic rear-projection screen is an all-around performer - the “Go-To Screen” of the SSI line of rigid screen products. It is being used in applications ranging from beach projection screens in Florida to high-end television station sets. Definition rigid screens can be formed, shaped, molded, or cut into custom sizes, aspect ratios, and shapes, presenting nearly unlimited design possibilities.

SSI Definition Rigid Rear Projection Screen

Technical Specs

Gain 5 ± 0.5
Half-Gain (Vertical & Horizontal) 40°
Viewing Angle 175º
Transmission 61%
Contrast 200:1
Weight 0.85 lbs/square foot
Maximum Single Screen Size 78" x 139" x 1/8"
Resolution Limited only by content &p; projector source

*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-631-5880 for details.

definition rigid rear projection screen spec sheet pdf download

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