Enclosure Maintenance

Projector Enclosure Maintenance is fairly simple and requires that you simply change the incoming air filter approximately every 30-45 days. Application and Environment could potentially warrant that you replace the filter as often as every 10 days or as far out as every 2 months.

Filter replacement frequency can typically be determined within the first 30 days of use.

Projector enclosure utilize fans and although they last for an extremely long period of time, they have been known to need replacement every few years or so. This is something that can be done in the field and the required replacement parts can be ordered online over the phone or through the OEMP.

Also recommended is a 6-12 month (depending on environment) cleaning of the interior of your enclosure and a thorough inspection of your components as you wipe out the interior with a cloth and mild detergent solution.

By enrolling your projector into the OEMP you can quickly and easily have reminders show up in your email inbox when it is time to replace your enclosure filter? This FREE program also provides access to asset tracking information and is a one stop location for everything regarding your projector and enclosure installation by location for easy management.

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