Integrating Touch Screens

Buy and Easy-o-Integrate Touch Foil Touch Screen

Integrating a touch screen into your display or project is as easy as knowing the differences between the variety of touch technologies and defining your goals or needs for touch screen interactivity. We recommend that you use the Touch Screen Planning Worksheet to get started and determine the appropriate touch screen interface technology that is right for your display. Once you have completed your touch screen planning worksheet, fax or email it to our offices for a comprehensive review and consultation of your project.

There are two primary touch screen technologies that are widely utilized the world over for a wide variety of interactive touch screen displays in hundreds of application uses –

  • MultiTouch Screen Overlay – Touch screen bezels apply over the front or face of your digital display and are often referred to as Infrared Multi-touch Technology. These bezels have an invisible grid like pattern of infrared light beams that sense a user’s touches and transmit that data to the computer. Learn More – (include diagram)
  • Touch Screen Foil – Touch screen film applies to the back side of the touchable screen surface and is known as capacitive touch screen technology. This touch screen film has a near invisible grid type pattern of tiny wires embedded in between layers of clear plastic material. The wires sense a user’s touches on the surface of the display through the glass and transmit that data to the computer. Learn More -– (include diagram)

It’s important that you determine which touch screen technology you will most likely need as that is the foundation for your research and integration of touch screen technology.

For more information on Touch Screen Requirements by Application use the following directory to information –

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