Projector Enclosure Filtration

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A critical aspect and function of projector enclosures is the projector enclosure filtration which filters out the airborne contaminates that will be the demise of your projector and bulbs. We recommend using the proper filters that will adequately remove the majority or environmental particulates that are present in 99.5% of all environments that projector are placed in.

Please read the Dust Kills article for more information Screen Solutions offers a variety of filters for your projector enclosure and the application it will be installed in. Please consult with a Screen Solutions associate if you have questions regarding a specific application.

Coarse media filters lack the required media density to remove the majority of particulates that are present in public spaces. Most filters that can be purchased at a local hardware store or grocery store must be used for a while before they actually begin to trap the airborne dust and contaminates.

As the filter is in use it will gradually build up debris and begin to work efficiently/properly, however when you install a filter with fine media it traps more dust and contaminates from the start.

Essentially low cost coarse filters only begin to perform the required task after they have been clogged up for some time, until such time they allow smaller particulates to pass through the filter into the projector enclosure.

Fine media filters are far more effective and essential, notice the difference in the fine filters in this picture; see how much closer the media density is to each other? This shows us that you can catch finer particulates sooner and keep them from entering your projector enclosure. Both of these filters are shown at the same magnification level, the finer filter as you can see will naturally trap and prohibit airborne contaminates such as dust from entering the enclosure.

Replacing your Projector Enclosure Filter – We recommend that you replace your projector enclosures filter approximately every 30 days; however this can fluctuate in both directions given your exact environment. During the first 30 days your projector enclosure is in operation we recommend that you monitor the filter and note the visible accumulation of dust etc. Customers typically find that by checking the filter 2-3 times during the course of the first month they can determine the frequency of their filter replacement schedule. It is not uncommon that filter can be used longer than 30 days at a time.

Why you should change your filter regularly Once the filter reaches its capacity to trap particulates it will limit the air travel through the filter and eventually begin to allow dust etc. into the projector enclosure. The goal is to keep environmental contaminates out of the enclosure so be sure to replace your filter as needed for your application. Enroll your projector enclosure in our email reminder service; keep your AV installation running at peak efficiency. Simply setup your enclosure(s) in our easy online system and receive a reminder by email when it is time to replace your filters. This is also a great way to stay in touch with your installations and bring in additional revenue with maintenance contracts.

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