Projector Enclosure - Indoor and Outdoor Uses

The uses for projector enclosures vary tremendously and we are seeing an increasing interest from people looking to protect their investment and integrators looking to place a projector somewhere that it otherwise could not go. If you want to get more life out of your projector or projector bulb than a projector enclosure can help with that. Dust and Heat are two of the leading causes of projector failure. Read more

  • If you want to place a projector outdoors and need a solution for rain, snow, hail, humidity heat or a similar situation than a projector enclosure can provide the protection and functionality that will allow you to place a projector in a potentially dangerous or otherwise impossible situation. Read more about Screen Solutions Outdoor Projector Enclosures
  • For factory and industrial facilities the use of large format projection displays is a cost effective alternative and much more flexible than traditional display technology. Factory conditions are usually not the cleanest and therefore require additional protection against the environmental concerns such as high dist, dirt, heat and excessive airborne contaminates. Read more about Projector Enclosures for Factory Use
  • Businesses and Corporate installations are utilizing projector enclosures to increase projector bulb and projector lifespan while providing a degree of protection from would be thieves and vandals. Projector enclosures can lengthen out the frequency of bulb changes and have been known to pay for themselves rather quickly by limiting the excessive bulb replacement and threat of the projector overheating. Read more about Projector Enclosures for Corporate
  • Bars and Restaurants incorporate projector enclosures typically out of necessity, cigarette smoke and airborne restaurant sediment such as grease and food particulates. These harmful contaminates will often destroy a projector within weeks or a few short months if not addressed properly. Read more about Projector Enclosures and Cigarette Smoke
  • Theaters, Churches and Theatrical auditoriums can benefit from projector enclosures with sound dampening kits, this style of projector enclosure will drastically reduce or quiet the projector noise that can be a distraction and annoyance to guests. Read More about Projector Enclosure Hush boxes

These are a handful of the many uses that projector enclosures are currently being used for; as you browse our website you will find resources and information regarding projector enclosures, their uses and more. Should you have questions or additional needs please contact Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880

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