Single Touch Screen, Touch Screen Foil

Touch Foil Touch Screen

Single Touch Screens are the oldest touch screen technology available and therefore the most cost effective. To say that there is a single touch screen available currently may be a bit of an exaggeration. With the tremendous advancement in multi-touch screen technologies in the last couple of years they are quickly becoming outdated. In reality single touch screens are hard to come by and you can purchase a dual touch screen for the same price most likely.

Single touch screen functionality is what most ATM’s, GPS, Grocery Store Credit Card Payment Terminals and Vehicle Touch Screen Displays.

The need for a more human interaction with our displays has pushed touch screen technology forward dramatically. As society continues to adapt to the presence of touch screens in the marketplace the need for a more “human like” interaction will be demanded.

If your requirement is for a single touch interaction only and you purchase a dual, 6 or even up to 36 point touch screen you can of course use those as a single touch screen with no difficulty.

Single touch screens are available in capacitive touch screen film primarily and infrared touch screen bezels are available starting at dual or 2 touches.

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