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Acrylic Rigid Rear Projection Screens

Acrylic Rear Projection Screens can Go Big

Our acrylic rigid rear projection screens are made of hard acrylic and were the inspiration behind our rear projection film.  SSI acrylic rigid rear projection screens are unique in that there are no additional layers on the screen. This is critically important in the sense that as the projection screen expands and contracts, there are no separate layers expanding and contracting at a different rate. The specialty acrylic acts as a diffusion rear projection screen, and has an average maximum size of up to 7’x10’! Diffusion projection screens are available in several different colors that each have different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

In addition, Screen Solutions International rigid rear projection screens are unique by allowing you to see the projected image on both sides of the screen. While one side will be reversed, typically 95% of people will never notice except when text is present. See our Rear Projection Projectors article for more information on this topic.

Intrigue Acrylic Rigid Projection Screen in Night Club

The Five Types of Acrylic Rigid Rear Projection Screens:

The Accent Acrylic Rear Projection Screen sports a frosted white color to add brightness to any projected image. Accent is great for evening and night-time displays or environments with controlled lighting in order to make use of the extra brightness it provides.

The Definition Acrylic Rear Projection Screen is dark grey in color. The chemical composition adds color depth that is often lost with most projection technologies. Definition is capable of being used at all times of the day, and can even be used in bright environments such as shopping malls and expositions.

The Definition PRO Acrylic Rear Projection Screen is black in color, and our ultra premium projection screen. It is capable of truly amazing picture quality due to being a hybrid acrylic projection screen; a sophisticated blend of diffusion and optical projection technologies allow it to accept extreme projector lumens with ZERO hotspots, perfect color replication, and good visibility from extreme viewing angles. This product has met the taxing demands by TV studio rooms and other critical resolution applications.

The Intrigue Acrylic Rear Projection Screen is Clear or Transparent in color. This screen stays true to its name by giving projected images an almost holographic look and the appearance of floating on the surface of the screen. Intrigue can be used in a variety of applications and environments, but usually is associated with some marketing, advertising, or high-end displays meant to give a futuristic feel.

The Reflection Acrylic Front Projection Screen is a very light gray in color. This rigid projection screen is the only one in our acrylic screen line that is designed specifically for front projection. Reflection is 1/8″ thick and is available in sizes up to 7’x10′. Reflection rigid front projection screens can be cut into any size or shape and are not going to hot spot no matter how many lumens your projector is.

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Acrylic Rigid Rear Projection Screens Formulated with Diffusion Screen Technology

Traditionally most people think of projection screens as being white and fabric, but the industry has seen a tremendous amount of changes in the last decade. Rigid rear projection screens are now made out of acrylic and have technology embedded in the screen during the casting process. We have come to call this type of projection screen an “Intelligent Plastic.” There different types and grades of rigid acrylic projection screens are now able to accommodate a wide ranger of applications and environments. We strive to provide these products with a high level of quality at as affordable prices.