Risks when installing TV's in storefront windows

High Bright Sun Rated TVThere are many very real risks and concerns when installing a flat panel digital display in your retail or storefront glass windows. The first being a non human threat, the second of course being human and the third being anti-earth.

First we are going to cover the risks and provide tips for each risk; then we will have a few comparisons between traditional flat panel digital display technologies.

Threats –

1.      The biggest non human threat to plasma, LCD and LED digital displays in retail and storefront window displays is the Sun; yes the sun. That big glowing ball of fire in the sky will give you skin cancer and zap the life out of your TV; have you ever left a sweater or t-shirt outside on a lawn chair in the backyard and it within a day or so of being in the sun became sun bleached. When you put a plasma TV or any digital display in a window you will shorten its life span by a minimum of 50% and many time substantially more than that.

The sun itself will not kill the display but the heat from the sun will do the damage; we have seen good plasmas and LCD’s go bad in just a few weeks when unprotected from the elements and harsh rays of the sun. So how do you protect your window display?

The very first step you should take when installing any display in a window is to apply a anti-reflection film to the outside of the glass; it will reduce glare & reflection while cutting down the transmission of light into the business, storefront, window display, etc.; also it in many cases where the display is right up against the window add contrast and depth to the image itself.

You can purchase Anti-Reflection Film from these guys. If you are looking to install a digital display in a window – you may want to read this article on Rear Projection and You. You can’t just tint the window as most often the image will not be visible behind the tint; projection film applied to the inside of the window display however is a great way to combat the inherent problems outlined in this topic.

2.      The biggest human threat is greed and vandalism – We have had more than one client tell us they installed a flat panel displays in their window only to have it stolen a day, week or month later; it’s like posting a bright sign in your window “break in here and take what you want”.

In one circumstance an entire strip mall was completely cleaned out of all the plasmas in their windows in one night. The thieves smashed the windows jerked the wires out and lifted the plasmas off the mounts or shelf – that was it. This is still a serious problem and a calling card to those looking for a really great way to get a FREE TV.

One way you can cut down on the theft is to secure your Plasma, LCD or LED Flat Panel Display to the wall, ceiling or shelf with a security device – check the store where you bought it. However just because they don’t steal the TV doesn’t mean you don’t have the broken window to deal with, other product loss and in some cases they have smashed the TV out of frustration.

The one way to avoid this threat altogether is to consider projection film on your window.

3.      The third and final threat we will talk about is the threat to our planet; this is probably the biggest concern as you can get another TV and even a new window and file an insurance claim maybe but we only get one earth and then it’s gone.

What happens to that gigantic Plasma, LCD or LED TV when you are done with it; it doesn’t just disappear it actually stays around for a very long time and will outlive you and your children if not disposed of properly.

The other very real problem is energy consumption; your new TV will consume up to 40% as much energy when it is off as it does when it is on. Energy resources and our earth are both limited and this threat is very real and not just hype.

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