Safety & Security

Video on Glass vs. Flat Screen Behind Glass

Yes you can place a flat screen TV behind the glass in your storefront if you are wanting to, however there are several risks and considerations when doing so.

  • On average it takes less than 60 seconds for thieves to steal a flat screen, they simply smash the storefront glass and remove the flat screen from the mount (even security mounts) and away they go.
  • Projection film is installed on the glass itself and there is nothing for the would-be thieves to grab a hold of. The projector itself is installed up towards the ceiling and will most likely require tools and a ladder to remove making this a time consuming task for a smash and grab.
  • Most flat screen TV’s are not designed to compete with or be placed in direct sunlight, often you will void you warranty and prematurely kill your new TV (if it’s not stolen first).
  • Projection film on the glass is capable and designed specifically for high ambient light and direct sunlight applications; with a 3 year warranty projection film is a perfect match for this environment.
  • So many Americans have a flat screen or 3 in their house, office, tradeshow booth and even car nowadays that they have lost their effect to capture attention and stop a passerby.
  • By placing your video or digital signage right on the glass you will create what we like to call a floating image that gives you stopping power. Video on glass as opposed to video behind the glass will increase your visibility and interest of local traffic, putting your message that much closer to your perspective audience.
  • Power consumption of a flat screen is relatively high and consumes 2/3 the energy.

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