Side or Bottom Tail What?

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Where Do You Want To Connect Your Touch Film

Your touch screen film will need to be connected to a computer and display for it to achieve the desired result. This is achieved by connecting your touch film to a computer; your touch screen film will have a PCB Board on either the side or the bottom where you will find a mini USB connection.

This is what is referred to as the tail; your touch film has an overall area which includes both active and inactive areas and the tail. The active area is just inside the overall area and is best described as the only portion of the interactive touch film that will recognize a user’s touch and communicate that interaction to the computer.

Applications vary of course and therefore it may be beneficial to request either a side or bottom tail to make integration and aesthetics more appealing. If you have a specific need or application please speak with a Screen Solutions representative to discuss your options, Call us at 888-631-5880

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