SSI Touch Table

SSI touch tables are built with three things in mind. First, we offer an unwavering quality from the outside in. Second, a full multi touch experience with the ability to be customized at a customer’s request to incorporate any type of technology required (RF tag capabilities, Bar code scanners, USB card swipers, SD card readers and many more options.)

There are 3 options when building multitouch tables as detailed below multitouch tableThrough glass touch film

  • Through glass touch film will provide a completely smooth surface on the display as all the touch screen technology is below the surface.
  • Multitouch frame technology will be integrated above the surface and provide advanced multitouch functionality and extreme accuracy. See example picture
  • Camera based multitouch is used below the surface of the touch screen as well, however this is the most complicated pre and post production.

Third, our true multi touch camera based systems create a multi touch experience for one user or multiple users and incorporate the latest projection technology and SSI projection film technology. This union creates a perfect marriage to deliver the highest quality touch table experience.

Built to nearly mil spec our touch tables will withstand the rigors of tradeshow shipping and handling. As well as, trade show use and are a perfect option for corporate use and retail use. The educational benefits from a experience that captivates and educates users from kindergarten up with a solution that bridges the ages between technology and education in seamless fashion.

SSI offers our touch table is a standard size of 30″ but can be scaled up to 80″ with ease and we offer custom sizes and aspect ratios as well. You have the ability to work with our designers to specify resolutions and options (see our standard package here) to create your own multi touch table experience please contact an SSI representative at 888-631-5880.