Ultra Clear Front Projection Film

Ultra Clear Front Projection Film


Ultra Clear Front Projection Film is a highly transparent front projection film that is best used in controlled lighting. Projects that want to deliver a subtle and captivating effect will benefit greatly from Ultra Clear Front film‘s translucency.

Online orders are measured by-the-foot with a 47.25″ roll width. Custom cut-sizes are available. Call 1-888-631-5880 for details.

*Note: All films are cut with a 1/16th inch margin of error.

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*Except in the case of manufacturer defect, all film sales are non-returnable.



Our newly released Ultra Clear Front Projection Film is the perfect product for projects that need to truly captivate. Inspired by our original Intrigue rear projection film, Ultra Clear Front features a new oil-based composition and more advanced optic technology. The highly transparent design features of the Ultra Clear Front film are compatible for use with standard projectors and require no specific projection angle.

Pulling the release layer off the back of your film exposes the built-in, hi-tac adhesives that will keep it affixed to your glass or acrylic surface for years to come. But, do not try to apply the film with just water! The use of a professional installer or one of our application kits is recommended for best results. Fluid is your friend; use it vigorously during the application process.

Screen Solutions International ships every Ultra Clear Front film order in a secure tube and/or box to ensure its safety no matter how far it is traveling. Most orders can be shipped the day the order is received. If you would like more information, you can contact us or visit our sister-site RearProjectionFilms.com.

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