Intrigue Rear Projection Screen

Intrigue Rear Projection Screen

The Intrigue Rear Projection Screen is a clear rigid projection screen. With its transparent surface providing a futuristic look, this screen is a popular choice for trade-show exhibits, digital signage applications, night clubs, gaming casinos, sport bars, amusement parks, colleges, and more.

This product is no longer available for purchase. Please consider our Intrigue rear projection film for a film variation of this rigid screen.

*Note: All rigid screens are cut with a 1/16th inch margin of error.

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The Intrigue Rear Projection Screen establishes a futuristic atmosphere through stunning, holographic images that appear to “float” in space. The transparent design features of the Intrigue screen are compatible for use with standard projectors and require no specific projection angle. This rear projection screen can be framed, suspended by thin wires, or used in conventional in-wall rear projection for an eye-catching look.

Intrigue Screens are available in standard, seamless sizes, or can be shaped into a unique projection display. Screen Solutions International ships every Intrigue screen order in a secure box or crate to ensure its safety during national and worldwide shipping. If you would like more information, you can contact us or download the specifications sheet below.

Download Intrigue Screen Spec Sheet:

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Size Chart

OurĀ rigid screens are typically sold by the diagonal size according to a 16:9 aspect ratio. For specific measurements, please view the information below.

35″ = 17 x 31″42″ = 21 x 37″50″ = 25 x 44″60″ = 29 x 52″67″ = 33 x 58″80″ = 39 x 70″
84″ = 41 x 73″92″ = 45 x 80″100″ = 49 x 87″120″ = 59 x 105″133″ = 65 x 116″138″ = 68 x 120″