19 Inch Touch Foil Samples

19 Inch Touch Foil Samples


Our Pro Touch Samples are a great way to test our technology before you buy! Each 19″ sample foil comes ready-to-go with the same proven technology as our standard Pro Touch 10 touch foils. Even better, Pro Touch Samples do not require driver software! This makes the testing process fast and simple.

Size is shown as the diagonal size. Actual size is approximately 11″ x 17.5″ (tail not included in dimensions).

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Pro Touch interactive touch foil technology is the latest innovation and cutting edge touch foil available. With up to 10 simultaneous touches, you and your team can take full advantage of touch gestures to interact with your display. Pro Touch foils are extremely accurate and the most advanced touch foil technology available.

*Note: All samples are landscape orientation, with the tail protruding from the longest side.