Dual Touch Frames

Dual Touch Frames

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A dual touch frame can turn any display into a touch interface, regardless of whether it is a projection, LED, plasma, or video wall display. Turning your existing monitor or display into a touch interface for gaming, viewing blue prints, making a digital whiteboard, tradeshow use, and more has never been easier. All are driver-free and ready to plug-and-play.

*Note: Touch frame technology uses an infra-red grid to track touch input. Nearby motion sensors or other infra-red equipment may cause interference.

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Sizes are shown as the diagonal size. Please see the “Size Chart” tab for specific sizing information.

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A dual touch frame can turn any display into an interactive experience. Best of all, you can do it yourself with our easy to assemble hardware! Turning your existing monitor or projection screen into a touch display for gaming, viewing blue prints, making a digital whiteboard, tradeshow use, and more has never been easier. Our touch overlays use the same infrared sensor technology found in our touch tables for highly accurate tracking.

We give you plenty of options and choices when it comes to your touch frame, allowing you the freedom to choose the size based on your needs and design. You can get all of this with a single connection to your PC, Mac, Linux, or Android machine to ensure you have a complete touch frame solution. We also provide options for standard, waterproof, large format, and other versions.

Screen Solutions International ships every dual touch frame order in a secure tube and/or box to ensure its safety no matter how far it is traveling. Each frame is carefully assembled and tested to ensure everything works perfectly upon installation. If you would like more information, you can contact us or visit our sister-site MultiTouchOverlay.com.

*All sales regarding touch products are final. No returns or refunds, including but not limited to: Touch Foils and Touch Frames.

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Size Chart

Each frame is listed by its diagonal size according to a 16:9 aspect ratio. For specific measurements, please view the information below.

24″ = 12 x 21″27″ = 13 x 24″32″ = 16 x 28″40″ = 20 x 35″42″ = 21 x 37″46″ = 23 x 40″47″ = 23 x 41″49″ = 24 x 43″
50″ = 25 x 44″55″ = 27 x 48″60″ = 29 x 52″65″ = 32 x 57″70″ = 34 x 61″72″ = 35 x 63″84″ = 41 x 73″90″ = 44 x 78″