Enhanced Touch Foils

Enhanced Touch Foils

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Interactive Enhanced Touch Foils are designed to accommodate between 20 and 40 simultaneous touches, and feature the most advanced touch foil technology on the market. Bring your displays to life with the 8,000+ individual sensors of an enhanced touch foil.

*Note:  The number of sensors does not change with the touch foil’s width. We recommend purchasing a foil with a higher number of touch points the wider your display is for best accuracy.

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Sizes are shown as the diagonal size. Please see the “Size Chart” tab for specific sizing information.

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Recently released, our Enhanced Touch Foils take touch accuracy to the next level. Enhanced touch foils feature over 8,000 individual sensors that double the resolution of a standard multi touch foil and quadruple that of a dual touch foil. Our touch foil technology continues to work despite any water or other liquids contacting the viewing surface, and can function normally on horizontally curved surfaces.

Projects that are on an above-average scale will benefit immensely from an enhanced touch foil. Having the highest level of precision tracking available will turn any project into a crisp, responsive experience with little to no effort. Choose the interactivity that works for you by selecting either a 20-point or 40-point foil.

Screen Solutions International ships every enhanced touch foil order in a secure tube and/or box to ensure its safety no matter how far it is traveling. Each foil is carefully assembled and tested to ensure everything works perfectly upon installation. If you would like more information, you can contact us or visit our sister-site PROFoils.com.

*All sales regarding touch products are final. No returns or refunds, including but not limited to: Touch Foils and Touch Frames.

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Size Ranges per Aspect Ratio:(16:9) 30″ – 116″ Diagonal*
Number of Touch Sensors (Resolution)8,192
Customizable FeaturesSize, Tail Length, Tail Position, Active Area, & Cut Size
Standard configuration with non-conductive, single construction glass20mm thick inclusive of glass and air gap
Response SpeedTypically 18 – 50 ms
Operating Temperature Range-10°C (14°F) to +70°C (158°F)
Humidity Range0% – 95%
Light TransmissionTypically better than 93%

Download Pro Touch 20X-40X Spec Sheet:

*Some sizes only available via custom order. Call 1-888-631-5880 for details.

Size Chart

Each touchfoil is listed by its diagonal size according to a 16:9 aspect ratio. For specific measurements, please view the information below.

30″ = 15 x 26″32″ = 16 x 28″37″ = 18 x 32″40″ = 20 x 35″42″ = 21 x 37″46″ = 23 x 40″
50″ = 25 x 44″52″ = 25 x 45″55″ = 27 x 48″57″ = 28 x 50″60″ = 29 x 52″62″ = 30 x 54″
65″ = 32 x 58″67″ = 33 x 58″70″ = 34 x 61″72″ = 35 x 63″74″ = 36 x 64″80″ = 39 x 70″
84″ = 41 x 73″90″ = 44 x 78″92″ = 45 x 80″100″ = 49 x 87″112″ = 55 x 98″116″ = 57 x 101″


*Note: These dimensions reflect the active area, and do not account for any excess material that surrounds the edge of the foil.

PROFoil Tech Explained

When using a PROFoil, its responsiveness is the critical factor to consider for the end-user experience. In order to give customers a simplified way of measuring responsiveness, touch foils of all types are judged by two main aspects: the number of touch points and the resolution.

A “touch point” is simply any time a user is interacting with the screen. For every touch point that a foil can handle, another source of input can be tracked simultaneously. For instance, if a foil was labeled as “10-point,” that would mean that up to 10 inputs (i.e. fingers) can be used on the screen at once.

The “resolution” of a foil is an indicator of how accurately it can track touch input. This accuracy is determined by how many sensors are present in the foil. For instance, a standard dual touch PROFoil has slightly more than 2,000 input sensors and provides a resolution of “2K.” A 10-point PROFoil, however, has over 4,000 input sensors and provides a resolution of “4K”. This allows a 10-point foil to track touch input twice as accurately as a 2-point foil.