Touch Screen Demo Waiting List

At SSI Displays we receive approximately 10 sample requests every day for Touch Screen Demo Kits. To be honest we do not stock that many demo kits to fulfill everyone’s requests or even a fraction of them every month. SSI Displays is the foremost supplier of the widest variety of touch screen technologies on the web and around the world, due to the increasing demand for touch screen technologies our demo kits are spread thin.

To put your company name on the list and patiently wait your turn please use the following form:   Touch Screen Demo and Responsibility Acceptance Form

When your demo kit is ready to be shipped out you will be contacted by an SSI Displays associate to confirm and arrange delivery.

Requirements for Touch Screen Demo requests are as follows –

  1. Completed and returned SSI Displays Demo Request Form and Customer Responsibility Acceptance Form for touch screen demo. This form must be completed in its entirety and states that you are completely responsible for the touch screen demo while it is in your possession and until the safe return to SSI Displays offices.
  2. Credit Card Authorization Form must be completed and will remain on file until touch screen demo is returned in “as shipped condition”. Once touch screen demo kit has been received by SSI Displays and verified as returned in good condition your credit card authorization form will be destroyed. If touch screen demo is damaged, destroyed or not returned your credit card on file will be charged the full amount of touch screen demo value.
  3. Shipping charges for touch screen demo must be paid for by requesting company and can be shipped on FedEx, UPS or similar freight accounts if provided. All outbound shipping charges from SSI Displays for touch screen demo’s must be paid for or authorized on customer account prior to shipment, if using shipping account please provide details on touch screen demo request form.

This is not meant to be a burden to those who are interested in putting their hands on our touch screen technology, but to prove interest and protect our desire in providing touch screen demos to serious inquiries only. If you have questions or would like clarification regarding touch screen demo policies and procedures please contact a Screen Solutions associate at 888-631-5880 to continue the conversation.

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