Touch Screen Film and RPF

Touch Foils Paired With Rear Projection Film

Interactive touch screens can be incorporated into most any video on glass display by incorporating a touch screen film on the back side of the glass. In a storefront window display where a user will be interacting with the touch screen from outside the store, the user will never touch the technology itself. Everything needed to transform your storefront glass into an interactive touch screen will be installed safely and securely inside the store. Touch screen film is specifically designed to sense the touches made on the outside of the glass with thru-glass touch screen technology.

Touch Film and Definition Film

Touch screen film is 98% transparent and the user will most often never know how you are able to sense a touch outside your storefront. Touch screen film can be incorporated with transparent rear projection film to create a holographic touch screen display. Touch screen film is about the thickness of cardstock paper and can be applied to most clear surfaces including glass or acrylic.

Touch film can be ordered with temporary cling or permanent adhesive layer depending on your usage and application, if you are selling the touch film product and installing it for your clients most often we would recommend the permanent application method.

Touch screen film is available in a number of standard sizes in 4:3 and 16:9 and can also be custom ordered to your exact requirements if needed. Most standard size touch screen films are available within a week or so from order date and custom touch films can usually be expected to arrive within 3 weeks. If you have specific requirements please address them with your SSI representative at time of order.

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