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Imagine that you could interact with your Flat Screen LCD TV. By adding and incorporating an Infrared IR Bezel into your existing TV you can transform it into an interactive Touch Screen LCD TV. LCD Flat Screen TV’s offer extended life span and energy efficient design.

When you incorporate an interactive USB touch screen with your LCD TV, you combine smart design with smart functionality! Touch screens enhance your ability to communicate, both with the technology you are using and with your customers or audience. By interacting directly with the screen you remove the barriers between you and the technology.

Touch Screen FrameBy allowing your customers the ability to reach out and touch your digital signage displays; you lessen the gap between you and them. Engage in a true interactive relationship with your technology and your customers by utilizing a Touch Screen LCD TV.

Retrofit any size LCD TV available on the market today with ease; standard sizes of IR Bezels are available for a wide variety of display sizes currently in production and as new models come onto the scene we have the ability to keep pace. Custom sizes are also available upon request and can even be designed around custom or unique aspect ratios or screen display formats.

To incorporate a USB Touch Screen into your existing LCD TV and transform it into an interactive Touch screen LCD TV all you need is some double sided tape. Yes Double Sided Tape is the magic behind the technology as it is the “Glue” that holds the technology together! Simply attach the IR Bezel frame to the Bezel of Your LCD TV with the supplied double side tape; if you can accomplish this task you have already begun your journey with interactive touch screens.

IR Bezels are capable and the absolute best option for “True Multi-Touch Applications”; multi-touch is an overused and often misunderstood or misrepresented term when talk about touch screen technology. Be sure that if you require a “True Multi-Touch Application” that you clarify with your vendor as to what multi touch means and what you can expect out of their gear.

Infrared IR Bezels are extremely accurate with “Touch Points” and interactions with the technology; available in 1,2, 6 and 32 points of touch it is very important that you are sure of your requirements and USB touch screen specifications. Avoid tremendous hassle and misunderstanding by clarifying this appropriately ahead of time. Ghost Points are another common misunderstanding and if not careful can lead you to believe that there is some degree of malfunction with your hardware or software.

Ghost Points are best described as your touches getting in the way of each other; as you are interacting with your touch screen with a less then “True Multi-touch Hardware Solution” you will experience confusion between your touches as they cross paths. Beware of certain reflective camera based frame designs that have significant disadvantages and extreme ghost points that will not only confuse the system but the user as well.

Should you have any questions about USB Touch Screen LCD Technology it is recommended that you speak with an interactive USB touch screen specialist and discuss your project to ensure satisfaction.

Infrared Bezels USB touch screen can also be incorporated into Rigid Rear Projection Screen Displays and Rear Projection Film Displays. Simply and easily create a touch screen by applying adhesive rear projection film to the back side of the glass attached to the IR Bezel and you will be interactive in less then 10 minutes tops. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

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