Touch Screen Overlay for LCD TV

Convert a Standard TV Into a Touch Screen

Add a touch screen overlay to your display and within a few minutes you can be interacting with your fingers instead of a mouse.

This video below shows a touch frame being applied to an Open Frame Monitor

Please Note: Multi Touch Frames can be used on any type of display including LED, LCD, Rear Projection Film, Plasma, Open Frame, etc.

Open Frame Monitors are typically used for integration purposes, most monitors or TV’s commercially available are not open frame. You can install a touch frame on ANY monitor or assembly as shown in the picture to the right. The monitor in the outdoor kiosk is an open frame monitor because we integrated it into an assembly.

  1. Simply Assemble the Touch Frame
  2. Affix the Included Double Sided Tape to the monitor or touch frame
  3. Place the touch frame on top of the monitor or surface
  4. Install Touch Drivers
  5. Connect USB Cable to the computer
  6. Calibrate the touch screen
  7. Your Done!

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