Touch Screen Pricing for Qualified Dealers

Are you an AV Professional or Reseller of Technology Products such as touch screen products and looking to provide these interactive solutions to your clients? SSI Displays offers professionals from many different vertical markets the opportunity to gain almost immediate access to Wholesale and Dealer Pricing with a couple of basic requirements.

Perspective SSI Displays Touch Screen Dealers must actively be involved in selling, integrating or providing similar technology solutions to their clients.

  1. Perspective SSI Displays Touch Screen Dealers must provide a valid Resale Certificate provided by their local state.
  2. Perspective SSI Displays Touch Screen Dealers must complete a Dealer Application Form and return to SSI Displays.

We will endeavor to walk you through this process of becoming an authorized SSI Displays Touch Screen Dealer. If need be and will provide resources to make this as quick and as easy as possible. Most often this process can take just a few minutes and can be approved the same day.

Once you have completed the SSI Displays Dealer Application Documents you will be granted access to SSI Displays Online Dealer Store and ordering portal. This online dealer pricing and order system will give you access to dealer pricing and ordering from anywhere in the world you have Internet access.

If you are in need of expedited pricing for a project that you are down to the wire on, simply fax over your Resale Certificate to SSI Displays and we will get you the pricing needed within minutes.

Fax Number:  866-519-5149

To place an actual order at wholesale dealer pricing you will need to complete the required documentation and return to SSI Displays for your order to be processed and shipped without delays.

You can download the Entire SSI Displays Dealer Application Packet and make the process even easier.

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