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Touch Screen Advertising On Your Existing Glass

Touch Screen Software DiscountIn this world of modern technology it is understandable that everything is changing and so is storefront advertising, gone are the days of printing posters and installing them in your store windows only to pull them down and add to the local landfill.

Now you can take the same files that you use to print traditional paper signage and upload it to your digital signage player and schedule it to play for a specific period of time. Once scheduled it can be programed for specific time period(s), days and even a combination of the two. Now the sky is the limit instead of the signage is the limit.

Digital signage on your storefront glass can be integrated into your existing glass and you can add a touch screen on the glass too! Now customers can be presented with options and choose how they would like to engage in a conversation with your business. Leverage was used to build the pyramids and destroy impenetrable castles in ancient times, leverage your storefront windows and use technology as the fulcrum.

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