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Need to stand out at your next trade show?
Engage customers with interactive touch screen displays and content

Multitouch Overlay Store for Tradeshows


Screen Solutions offers you complete turn key touch screen systems and design for your next interactive trade show or product launch. we offer the best in the touch screen technology, creating stunning interactive displays and content making the process of creating the perfect displays painless and easy.

42 inch multi touch table flat using multitouch overlayWe offer a variety of Standard and Custom touch screen display options for your tradeshow booth including Glass Touch Screens and Touch Screen Conversion Kits for your existing displays. Call us for a review of your needs and solutions that will accommodate your end goal. Call Toll Free Now 888-631-5880 or email us for more information.

Interactive sales assistant

With interactive touch screen foil displays you can start selling to your visitors from the moment they arrive at your stand.

Traditional displays only provide a one-way communication medium which means you can never be quite sure those important company and sales messages have been communicated to your potential customers.

Touch-Enabled Projection SphereWith interactive touch screen foils you now have two-way communications and an interactive sales tool. Now you have a more focused idea of your customer interests. The potential customers will have an enhanced experience at your stand, will receive more choices, and will be more informed about the products and services your company can provide.

You can be confident that by the time your visitor leaves the stand they will know what you have to offer, increasing the possibility of them buying from you and not your competitors.

Flexible and Beneficial

Use your system on the road or at your office. once you designed the perfect show piece you can use it when you want where you want. For example the touch screen system can be used to create a touch screen technology interactive reception area, providing up to date information on what’s happening in your business, relevant for your staff, suppliers and customers.

Content is King

Beautiful displays and nice graphics are one thing but content is what will set you apart from any competition. Content that speaks to people and flows seamlessly will engage, educate and inspire people about your products and services tat will leave them with a lasting impression and keep your company in the for front of their minds.

Contact us today to start the process of creating award wining displays and touch screen content.

Interactive Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by : 

  • Drawing the crowd to your tradeshow booth – Generating more of those valuable sales leads
  • Creating another sales assistant on your tradeshow – Processing more inquiries
  • Providing effective communication to your audience and improve your corporate image
  • Creating an unlimited display – Visitors can now access your entire product portfolio while at the tradeshow booth
  • Allowing instant update of content – Keeping your stand fresh and interesting
  • Attracting and holding customer’s attention at your tradeshow booth – Increasing the opportunity for them to buy your service and not your competitors
  • Using your touch foil display to advertise complementary services of your business partners – This activity can provide the potential for the service to be self financing
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