Multi Touch Overlays

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SSI Multi Touch Overlays and Touch Frame products are the latest, most efficient, and most accurate simultaneous points-of-touch technology available on the market today. We offer touch frame products that can accurately track anywhere between 2 and 40 simultaneous sources of input. All overlays give a user the ability to drag, drop, swipe, throw, rotate, and size images. The higher the number of touch points, the more users can operate the display at the same time.

Multi Touch Screen Technology can dramatically improve just about any computer-based interaction: Trade Show Displays, TV Studio Sets, Business Lobby Display Boards, Video Walls, Conference Rooms, to name a few.

SSI Multi Touch Overlay

Technical Specs

Touch Overlay Sizes (16:9)24", 27", 32", 40", 42", 46", 47", 49", 50", 55", 60", 65", 70", 72", 84", 90", 98", 100", 120"
Touch Points (amount of simultaneous touch inputs)2, 4, 6, 10, 20, 32, or 40
Purchase Option DIYUse our easy-to-assemble Touch Frame Install Kit.
Purchase Option Turn-KeyMake your touch experience as simple as possible with fully-integrated infra-red sensors.
Bezel Size19.5mm x 8.1mm (black finish)
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac, Android, Linux, and TUIO protocol.
Powersingle USB to your PC

*Custom sizes are available. Call 1-888-631-5880 for details.

touch frame spec sheet pdf download

See it in action!

Custom Touch Frame Large Format

Touch Screen TV Display

Mutltitouch Touch Screen TV

With a multitouch overlay you can convert your existing TV into a touch screen TV in minutes. If you have a TV between 14″~100″ simply add a touch screen overlay and you can interact with it just like a tablet, iPad or touch monitor.

The touch frame install in minutes and connects to your computer with the supplied USB Cable, no additional power is needed. Once connected up to your computer you can interact with Web Pages, PowerPoint, Apps and more.

We also have factory integrated all-in-one touch screen tv displays. Everything in one easy to setup display, just hang it on the wall or stand and plug it in. Standard sizes range between 20″~98″.

Multi Touch Overlay Frame Rear Projection

This rear projection multitouch display at the Toronto Zoo is a large format multi touch screen. Combining extra large seamless glass, rear projection film and a custom multitouch overlay makes for a memorable interactive experience.

This interactive digital experience provides a larger then life display with full multitouch across the entire surface.

Large Format Touch Frame

Custom Large Format Multi Touch Screen

Custom Touch Frame Front Projection on Glass

SSI has been building custom large format multitouch screens for 12+ years. In the picture is a 30′ long custom touch frame being installed on a glass wall with front projection film.

When preparing for your XL touch frame project, be sure you have a straight wall as that will be critical to your project success. Large touch screen displays often use projectors blended across several panes of glass, this particular display has 3 projectors blended across 4 panes of glass.

All this combined into 1 seamless multitouch experience. Drag any object from one end to the other as if it was a giant tablet,  up to 40 users can use this display at any given time.

Multi Touch Frame Overlay Wall Mount

This project pictured was a front projection wall mount touch screen in NYC. Paired with an ultra short throw Epson projector, our rigid front projection screen was mounted to teh wall with a multitouch overlay.

Full multitouch projection wall connected to a computer nearby with a USB cable.

There are so many uses for multitouch overlays, we are looking forward to seeing what you will create with this touch screen technology.

Multi Touch Frame Front Projection Screen

Large Format Multi Touch Screen Frame - 15x8

Multi Touch Overlay Frame Large Format Assembly

Standard and Large Format Multi Touch Overlays can be assembles and installed on-site with instruction from our trained and experienced staff. Although technology and an incredibly powerful touch screen solution we are confident that our refined assembly process has only been improved upon.

No matter the size big or small you can trust that our touch frame technology has been tested in a wide variety of applications and by the biggest companies in the world.

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