Thru-Glass USB Touch Screens Film Technology

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Thru-glass Touch Screen Film Technology

Imagine a flexible touch screen film that can be made to any size between 30’’ and 116’’ and attached to any non-metallic surface such as glass or acrylic. Screen Solutions offers the Interactive Thru Glass Touch Screen Film Technology to dealers and integrators at wholesale pricing as well as information and technical support

touch screen - thru-glass touch foilInteractive Thru Glass Touch Screen Film Technology’s are simple to integrate with a wide range of display technologies such as LCD, Rear Projection, Tabletop, thru window, and kiosks. With the level of the product’s flexibility, the range of interactive touch screen applications is only limited by your imagination.

touch foils diagramWe supply USB thru glass touch screen films to dealers, system integrators and digital signage partners to ensure that the Interactive touch foil contributes to providing interactive display solutions in worldwide areas of Retail, Business, Entertainment, Exhibition and many other Digital Out of Home environments, whether it’s advertising new products, displaying interactive wayfinders in shopping centers, or digitally offering a welcome to clients.

Interactive Made Easy!
Glass Touch Screen Films for thru-window and thru glass touch applications

through glass touch during tradeshow presentationThe world market for USB glass touch screen film technology is growing by leaps and bounds daily and is evident anytime you turn on your TV or go to a high end trade show, Drawing attention to your business or display is now easier than ever with rear projection films and thru glass touch screen films. Turn your standard windows or displays into information gathering and educational displays that will empower consumers and turn them from prospects to clients, These Interactive touch screen films have no external components so the installation is completely safe and vandal proof.

The lightweight Interactive thru glass touch screen film technology can be applied directly to any existing window or a glass sheet with a rear projection screen or LCD TV positioned from behind. This usb touch screen overlay creates an interactive touch screen surface through any glass or acrylic. These Interactive touch screen films can be mounted to the glass using either a permanent or a removable method.

USB Touch Screen Film Product features

  • Lightweight thru glass touch screen film technology is fairly simple to apply to a window, glass, acrylic and rear projection film screens and any other non-metallic material. (of course if you need assistance we are always here for you)
  • No requirement to have any external wires or devices as all of the touch screen film components are situated safely behind the glass
  • Interactivity works even with gloved hand, simple USB touch screen connection
  • touch screen film is not affected by external light conditions
  • Wide range of thru glass touch screen film sizes available up to 93″ 4:3 or 116″ 16:9 format
  • Works with all existing multimedia applications PowerPoint, Macromedia flash, Web sites etc.
  • Simple set-up- simply apply the USB touch screen film to glass. The USB touch screen overlay is applied inside the storefront on the glass window, once the touch screen film is applied to the glass the rear projection film can be applied to the back side of the touch screen film.
  • USB thru glass touch screen film overlay still works with substances such as water drops and other liquids on the touch surface
  • Glass touch screen operates on curved surfaces (if surface is curved, touch screen interactivity will only work in one direction)
  • No aperture required for USB touch film positioning
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