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Thru-Glass Innovation

Now with a touch foil you can transform any standard piece of glass into an interactive touch screen. Interactive touch foils are made up of a clear polymer material with a micro-wire sensor grid. These sensors use capacitive technology to accurately track up to 40 points of input via your body’s electric signal. Best of all, this technology is powerful enough to operate normally through the application surface.

The touch foil installation process is similar to that of a window tint material, and allows for both temporary and permanent usage options. Each touch foil connects to a computer or digital signage controller using a standard USB cable. Operating through-glass or acrylic keeps all its components situated safely behind the viewing surface.

Touch foils let you use your finger as a mouse for pinch, drag, swipe, zoom, and other basic touch gesture commands without any hassle.

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Technical Specs

Size Ranges per Aspect Ratio (16:9) 30"-116" Diagonal*
Number of Touch Sensors (Resolution) ~2,000-8,000
Customizable Features Size, Tail Length, Tail Position, Active Area, & Cut Size
Standard Configuration with non-conductive, single construction glass 20mm thick inclusive of glass and air gap
Response Speed Typically 18 - 50 ms
Operating Temperature Range -10°C (14°F) to 70°C (158°F)
Humidity Range 0% - 95%
Light Transmission Typically better than 93%

*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-631-5880 for details.

touch foil spec sheet pdf download

See it in action!

Touch Foil Thru Glass Touch

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Touch Foil Technology was integrated into thru glass displays throughout a new wing of the hospital. The theme varied but the goal was the same, give the kids something to do while walking the halls and a reason to leave the room.

Touch foils allow for the touch screen to be placed behind the custom printed glass children could interact as of it were a giant iPad. The glass can be washed at any time with any glass cleaner. The kids could learn about planets, animals, space and more right on the glass where LCD screens were embedded in the wall behind the glass.

St Jude Touch Foil

Real Estate Touch Screen - CA

Touch Foil for Real Estate Windows

Real Estate offices are constantly competing with and trying to draw attention to their storefront over the neighboring competition. The typical method is to add a few dozen paper listing property print outs to the glass, passing foot traffic can browse and read.

The touch screen real estate storefront is the interactive version of those papers. Incorporating touch allows for the technology to be safe inside the store and providing access to thousands of properties at the touch of a button. Thru glass touch foils provide access to the TV as if it were a giant tablet behind the glass. Call us at 888-631-5880 for more information.

Custom Size and Shape Touch Foils

With the ability to create custom size touch foils we have made many over the last 15 years. We are limited to right angles on the corners, however most displays happen to be square, rectangle and similar.

The picture you see is a custom touch foil made for 3 LCD screens that were installed side by side behind glass. This is a common application along with customers looking for thru glass touch but not wanting to see the edge of the foil anywhere.

Have a question about touch foils, ask the experts. Call Us: 888-631-5880

XL Custom Touch Foil

ABC 11 Thru Glass Touch Screen

ABC 11 Interactive Touch Foil Storefront Window

ABC 11 Raleigh-Durham, NC was looking for a way to engage walking traffic in the downtown area near the studio. Being in the center of town and also on the main street that is home to events like the town Christmas Parade. This made for a great location to add an interactive window.

This particular interactive storefront incorporated a Custom Size Multi-Touch Touch Foil, Rear Projection Film, a HD projector and Anti Glare Film. The finished product allowed for downtown foot traffic to engage with the touch screen content that works thru the glass.

Samsung S9 Launch Interactive Storefront Window – Window 1

Samsung had the vision of allowing potential customers to engage with a new Galaxy S9 before it was released or in the customers hand. SSI consulted and designed an interaction medium that would do just that.

With the new Galaxy S9 safely behind the glass, street front users could touch and experience the power of the S9 camera/video technology. The goal was to not see the touch foil and the phone was front and center. When you touch the glass where the phone was it would start a sequence and record you as it gave you prompts.

Once finished recording you the video would play on the large format video wall behind the S9. You were then asked if you would like it sent to you and complete the interactive experience by downloading to your phone.

We created the largest touch foil ever made for this experience. Watch the video.

Samsung NYC Touch Window

100" Touch Foil with RPF

100″ Touch Foil with Rear Projection Film

For many years 100″ was the largest size foil available, as shown in the Samsung Demo we can make foils much larger now. For this client a 100″ touch foil fit the window between reception and a room behind perfectly.

Paired with a projector and our rear projection film we were able to provide an interactive waiting room experience. By pre-selling visiting perspective clients on the versatility of the firm with a large format touch experience, every meeting started with the wow factor.

Video on glass and a thru glass invisible touch experience is possible with touch foils.

Custom Square Touch Foils and Transparent Projection on Glass

For this project the goal was to provide interactive touch screens on glass and leave the transparency as high as possible between the work space and the network infrastructure server room behind the glass.

SSI created custom square touch foils and integrated transparent rear projection film with custom mirror rigs for short throw projectors. The square viewing windows became interactive thru glass touch foil displays with a high level of transparency.

Transparent Rear Projection with Touch Foil