Tradeshow Effectiveness and The Stopping Power Needed

Have you just been given the reigns of planning the company’s next trade show activities for the year and you have no idea where to begin. Or are you a seasoned expert looking to increase interaction and customer interaction?

Maybe you’ve attended a trade show before so you have an idea of what they are, but planning and managing the process is more than planning the company Christmas party.

Trade-shows (show off your trade) are one of the best ways to get in front of your customers and prospects, but how do you decide which shows are best? How do you budget for them? How can you be sure what kind of display is the right one? And how do you make sure you get back more than you put into it? A trade-show is sure to accomplish two things –

  1. Thrust you right in front of more potential clients in a couple short days then you could stumble across in a year maybe even three.
  2. You will spend much more than you might think, plan or budget for! That being said you had better be sure that all your planning, preparations and ideas are not only brilliant but effective.

The trade show floors are crammed full of businesses trying to stand out, impress, overspend and lure those wandering around through a sea of money about to go in the dumpster in a few days.

An effective display can certainly give you the ability to stand out in a crowd yes. But more importantly leave a lasting memory of different, unique and willingness to excite more than just the sense of great ability for spending insane amounts of money.

3D Transparent holographic displays will demonstrate the progressiveness and desire to stay on the cutting edge of you and your client’s business interests. Touch screen technology integrated into any exhibit allows your clients the opportunity to put their hands on the products and services before they sign the dotted line – provide perspective clients the opportunity to touch the future of your company and be a part of something bigger then them.

Trade shows are a cesspool of logos and to stand out in the pool – have your logo stand out and animate your branding with a custom shaped display that is as old as your company. Company logo shaped displays intertwine both the products and services you offer on the face of the vehicle.

With intrigue and wanting that which is out of your reach is usually more powerful when it’s on your side. Smart Electric Glass is impressive, eccentric and can draw a crowd inside to the pulse of a need to see just what could or might be inside – Hide and seek is not just a game for kids but professionals in a war for attention.

With more than 10 years of experience with Digital Signage and Touch Screen Solutions for the Retail, Commercial, Trade-show and Architectural Industries. Screen Solutions Int. is a Full Service Interactive Consultants Firm offering Interactive Hardware, Software and Integration Services for cutting edge visual displays.

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