DIY Clear Touch Screen

DIY Clear Touch Screen

Creating a clear touch screen is a process involving several pieces of technology and might be easier than you think it could be. After reading this information or at any time during if you have questions please call Screen solutions at 888-631-5880 to speak with a customer service representative.

Clear Touch Screen Technology Components Required –



Quick steps to Clear Touch Screen Installation

  • Pick your glass surface that wish to use for your installation (you may want to take into consideration several factors such as power requirements for projector and direct sunlight) Note: your touch screen film will be applied to the inside of the storefront, display or glass, not on the touchable or viewing side of the clear touch screen surface.
  • Clean your glass surface thoroughly (any debris or heavy materials that remain on the glass may be visible through the clear touch screen)
  • Install the clear touch screen starting with the application film then the touch film (don’t let this process scare you, it is imperative that you read the instructions though)
  • Install the holographic projection film on the back side of the clear touch screen film
  • Install the projector
  • Connect the USB cable from the clear touch screen film to the Computer
  • Connect the Computer to the Projector
  • Calibrate the touch screen
  • Load your touch screen content
  • Interact, Enjoy, Impact

Detailed steps Clear Touch Screen Installation –

For detailed steps on how to determine your clear touch screen location, install and calibrate your touch screen and more – click here

For more information or questions regarding clear touch screen technical requirements, please contact a member of our customer support staff at 888-631-5880

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