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The importance of understanding true multitouch touch screen functionality

When discussing touch screens and touch screen technology with so many people everyday, more often than not the subject comes up about multitouch and what that actually is. So we usually begin with the fact that true multitouch in reality is just in its infancy and due to that fact there is a tremendous amount of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding multitouch we need to start at the beginning.

Single Touch Screens are where it all started and what that means is that you can touch the screen in one place at one time; single touch screens are not multitouch and cannot be touched simultaneously with more than one touch. What this means is that when you touch the single touch screen you will either cancel out the original touch or you will not be able to interact with the screen at all.

Dual Touch Screens are as the name suggests and can be used for dual or two touches at one time; however dual touch screens are primarily capable of drag n drop, two-finger pinch and zoom functionality. Dual touch does not necessarily guarantee that you will not experience ghost points or touch screen complications.

Multitouch Touch Screens are capable of sensing multiple touches and most importantly having the ability to communicate those multi-touches to the drivers and media source. Because multitouch can be integrated at different levels it is important to understand what level of multitouch screen you require before you purchase. Screen Solutions offers multi touch screens in 3 different options 2, 6 and 32 points of touch; what this means is that you can touch the screens without interference or complications in 2, 6 or 32 places on the screen at one time.

How we typically describe a 32-point touch screen to a customer is that You, Me and several other people can all be interacting on the same screen at the same time with no interference or loss of communication with the touch screen itself. True multitouch touch screens can handle impressive software designed just for the purpose; most software designed for true multitouch will be crippled if in fact you put a sub standard touch screen overlay on the display.

True multitouch screen overlays can transform a standard TV or digital display and Windows 7 computer into a multitouch touch screen in minutes. To test your multitouch touch screen out; open up the Windows 7 interactive photo gallery and get a few friends around and everybody can be grabbing pictures, resizing them and throwing them around the screen at the same time.

Windows 7 is a great operating system for touch screens as it was designed with touch screen interactivity and interface in mind; this is the most often recommended operating system for our client’s projects.

REMEMBER – True multitouch touch screens are nor susceptible to things like ghost points and drag or poor annotation. Integrate with true multitouch touch screens for your multitouch projects.

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