USB adapter

Visual Planet announced a new issue 6 USB controller launch in spring 2009. Key feature‐benefits:

• Up to three times faster response than our current RS232 controller providing a significant improvement in response to your touch

• Ideal for using drawing and mark‐up packages on screen

• The controller is a standard HID device and conforms to the USB 2.0 interface that we require for the fast 18 millisecond scan speeds we can achieve with this controller

• A removable controller option for installations that require the controller to be removed during installation of the foil

• Software adjustable scan speeds for ease of adjusting the projected capacitance field sensitivity making it a simple setup for different thicknesses and material types

• Designed to provide an improved platform for our dual touch system to be launched later this year (Fall 2009)

• Uses standard off the shelf A Male to Male Mini B USB cables for ease of supply if you require extended cable lengths. 1.5M cables supplied as standard. Other lengths available on request (up to 5M).

• Fully functional with our full range of foil sizes up to 116 inch

The USB board is currently not available with Linux Operating systems. However a MAC Driver for the new USB version is currently in development. What do you need to do to be prepared for the use of the USB:

• Be aware that new drivers are required for the new 09 foils. These will be on the auto install CD and full instructions will be provided

• Be aware of changes to the Quick Start and installation Guides and Full User Guides

• Become familiar with the new driver requirements

• Become familiar with the new scan speed setup

• If you brand the software allow allocated time to rebrand the new auto install CD. If we upgrade the MA7 drivers in the future you will need to upgrade the auto install disc

• New drawings will be issued for all USB requirements and new size requests which you will need to approve

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