In Wall Touch screen

In Wall Touch screen

Do You Have a Touch Screen in Your Wall?

Imagine your next meeting in the company Boardroom (before you fall asleep picture this) instead of watching the meeting organizer stand up and talk to the screen while it does all the work; the presenter is actually interacting with the screen! Your boss is up there interacting with and engaging the room in a conversation with the In-Wall Touch Screen Display.

To be clear and fair no we are not talking about an “Interactive Whiteboard”; although that type of technology has its place it is certainly not in the corporate boardroom. We are talking about actual True Multitouch Touch Screen Technology embedded in the wall. By converting all or part of an existing wall in your office into a fully functional in-wall touch screen you will successfully and creatively infuse traditional meetings, tradeshows, even the factory floor with life, newness and energy.

Wall Touch Screen

Convert all or part of a wall in your office simply, effectively and efficiently into a touch screen wall with touch screen technology. Make every meeting worth the time and investment, let your fingers do the talking and find out what productivity is all about. From Rear Projection to Flat Screen TV’s you can easily create an interactive digital display or retrofit an existing screen into an in-wall touch screen.

Almost instantly retrofit any existing Flat Panel TV with an Interactive IR Bezel; literally attach the bezel to the TV frame with the supplied double sided tape, plug in the USB cable, install the drivers and you are ready to get busy!

With Thru-glass Touch Screen Films you can have an embedded touch screen behind the viewing side of the touch screen wall display itself; thru glass touch films are specifically designed to sense the users touch through the glass surface. Using this type of technology you can create a large format touch screen display and limit the amount of exposed technology.

When you are planning a touch screen wall project be sure to first consider your requirements and expectations before you begin and certainly before you order any technology. Remember if you need multitouch be sure that you order multi touch technology; dual touch is not always true multitouch and when planning a touch screen wall you will most likely require a true multi touch screen solution. Call Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880 for a consultation or to ask questions reagrding touch screen wall technology.

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