What about Ambient Light

What about ambient light? – Ambient lighting is something that has plagued projection and projection screens since their inception not so many years ago. Projectors have since increased in brightness and intensity overcoming some of the difficulty; in addition projection screen technology has increased as well.

Ambient lighting is usually described to us by clients as one of the following:  Dim, Average or Bright. As you are determining if a projection based display solution will work for you then this subject of ambient light is a great starting point and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Screen Solutions has developed cutting edge hybrid projection screens that can be used in a wide variety of lighting environments and some even outdoors, this is important as industrial scoreboard displays are becoming more popular than ever..

Typically the lower the ambient lighting the better your system will perform with fewer countermeasures or need to combat the existing lighting. We have installed projection systems in every lighting environment you can imagine from dark home theaters to factory floors and even in direct sunlight.

Traditional projection screens cannot easily be utilized in high brightness environments and most often must be in controlled lighting environments. Hybrid acrylic rear projection screens, as they are not ordinary, can be used out of the ordinary. Screen Solutions specializes in out of the ordinary displays and uses of projection technologies.

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