What is Holographic Projection Film

Buy Holographic Projection FilmWhat is holographic projection film? Holographic projection film is a clear window tint like material that has high performance projection technology embedded into the film itself, holographic projection film allows you to convert and transform standard glass or acrylic surfaces into holographic projection displays within minutes.

Screen Solutions first introduced Intrigue holographic projection film to the industry in 2008, what was once a phenomenon is now a mainstream product that has since gained continual momentum and is now a popular medium for gaining attraction and increasing customer awareness to brands, products and services for local and global companies.

Holographic projection film is applied with window tint like application methods and can be installed by the DIY customer, Intrigue holographic projection film is supplied with a integrated adhesive on the application side of the projection film that is used to adhere it to surfaces like glass an acrylic.

Intrigue holographic projection film can be used with standard projectors, DVD players, satellite TV sources, digital signage controllers and more.

Holographic projection film is great for projecting on glass in malls, POP displays, in-store displays and more……..

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