Digital Window Displays

Digital Window Displays

Window Displays are Shopper Bait

The process of transforming your traditional storefront window into an attention grabbing, profit generating machine is now easier than ever. Digital window displays are changing the face of retail by converting local storefronts into vibrant and interactive marketing tools. It is also important to understand the impact that attracting the attention of passerby can have on your business. Digital window displays give you the ability to project images onto glass and put your brand that much closer to your clients.

Have you considered the possibility that you may not effectively be reaching the majority of your local prospects? We know it sounds like a stupid question, but you would be surprised by how many small businesses haven’t asked it. We all could use more business, but the way to get more is to examine what are you doing to reach out and take it? People in general are busy, distracted, preoccupied, and usually not interested in your products or services when you first present them. However, how you engage with your customers in that first instance can be the deciding factor on whether or not they remember you when they are ready to buy.

So what does this have to do with digital window displays or how to use this technology in effective marketing strategies? We are glad you asked.

Digital Window Display

Digital Window Signage Display Touch Screen

What is Engagement?

Answer the questions below, you’ll find out why we asked them soon.

  1. Do you know how your new customers find you?
  2. Do you know how many cars pass your shop or business each day?
  3. How many hours are you open per day, and how much traffic do you miss after closing time?
  4. What is the lifetime value of a new client worth to you?
  5. Do you track your marketing effort? If so, what gives you the best return for your investment?

Do you know how customers find you? Modern studies say that the best way to reach a new client is through word-of-mouth or by breaking their routine. With how much advertising people are subjected to daily, traditional window signage is just not interesting enough to make someone look twice. Digital window displays, on the other hand, provide you the ability to stand out from the buildings around you and grab attention. Provide an interactive display, and you may just start trending.

So how many cars pass by your business every day? While hard to find, this information is usually available on the web for most every city. We have done this exercise with many different clients throughout the years, and almost every one has said the same thing: “I had no idea there was that much traffic out there!” A digital window display on your storefront glass gives you the opportunity to tap into this existing traffic pattern and advertise to an effectively captive audience.

How many hours are you open each day, and what do you miss out on after you close? Digital window displays are a perfect way to continue engaging with your customers even when you aren’t on site! Even in the late hours of the night, a quality projection or high-bright screen makes it easy to provide customer engagement. You may even find that this is an untapped source of business!

What is the lifetime value of a new client? Let’s use a hair stylist as an example. The average client spends about $15.00 per visit and is in every 3 weeks. Each year, that client will spend roughly $275.00 at that shop just getting a basic haircut. If a digital window display brought in 3-5 customers a week, it would impact your bottom line by approximately $40,000.00 per year. Numbers don’t lie; if you simply leveraged the power of your existing traffic with a digital window display, it could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Do you track your advertising? Any advertisement worth investing in must be tracked or it isn’t worth anything! With the right digital window display, you can find out just how much traffic it brings in by using lead generation. You can keep up-to-date with who has used your digital display, and then reap the benefits as their information is sent to you.

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