Storefront Window Speakers ADD Audio to Your Storefront Glass

Buy Window SpeakersThis window speaker sticks right to your existing glass window, one of the greatest features of this device is that you can literally make the sound appear from nowhere it seems. The whole storefront window pane becomes a speaker when you stick this glass window speaker to it. You can purchase with or without an amplifier making this as easy and painless to install as possible.

Window Speakers Features

  • Window Speaker for GlassTechnology/Speaker is safe behind the glass
  • Speaker transmits the audio through to the user on the outside of the storefront
  • Can be used with any glass to provide Audio Reinforcement to On Glass Projection Screens, Interactive Thru Glass Touch Screens or Traditional Digital Signage in Window Displays.
  • Low Power consumption
  • Easy Installation

Architectural Glass Actuator:

The technical term for this type of product really doesn’t explain what it does and how to use, so it is best known as a glass speaker. However if used correctly you can impact local foot traffic by incorporating this sound actuator right onto your glass window or tradeshow display etc. This technology is being used in many different applications including Corporate, Retail, Commercial, Medical, Convenience and more.

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